Made by Milk Contest Offers Students More Chances to Win Big with Milk Cartons!

Veterens Recycling Program Boasts Success

AHAVA Cactus & Pink Pepper Mineral Hand Cream

Green Your Halloween

3 Small Businesses Recognized for Recycling Efforts

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Made by Milk Contest Offers Students More Chances to Win Big with Milk Cartons!

Evergreen Packaging recently announced the launch of the Fall 2015 Made By Milk Carton Construction Contest, themed "Animals." Classroom teams can win up to $5,000 by constructing creations from empty milk cartons, saved from their school lunches. The deadline for submissions is November 18, 2015.

"The Made by Milk Contest urges students around the country to celebrate healthy eating and teamwork while learning valuable lessons on the importance of recycling by repurposing their empty cartons to build unique animal creations," said Katie Simmons, marketing manager at Evergreen Packaging. "Evergreen Packaging launched Made by Milk to complement our deep dedication to sustainability and teach students across the country that their actions can have a larger impact in their community and beyond."

Students in grades K–12 are eligible to compete in the Made By Milk contest. To enter, classroom teams collect empty milk cartons to use in their carton creations, and write a 200-word essay about how their school will utilize the prize money. Since its inception, several new prizes have been added to the Made by Milk Contest. In addition to the existing Grand Prize winner ($5,000) and People's Choice award ($2,500), there are awards for creations using less than 300 cartons, and creations using more than 300 cartons. The complete prize structure is below:

  • Grand Prize: $5,000

  • People's Choice: $2,500

  • Elementary Winners – under 300 cartons (3 winners): $1,000 each

  • Elementary Winners – over 300 cartons (3 winners): $1,000 each

  • Middle/High School Winners – under 300 cartons (3 winners): $1,000 each

  • Middle/High School Winners – over 300 cartons (3 winners): $1,000 each

Evergreen Packaging is the largest manufacturer of gable-top cartons in the United States. Since the 2012 inception of the Made By Milk contest, Evergreen Packaging has awarded cash prizes to 49 winning schools across the country. Last semester's grand-prize winner was Ira B. Jones Elementary School, from Asheville, North Carolina who used more than 1,500 cartons to create an impressive giraffe sculpture.

For more details on the "Animals" theme, rules and photos of previous winning creations, visit


Veterans Recycling Program Boasts Success

The United War Veterans Council (UWVC) Recycling Program, the largest reusables program of its kind in the metropolitan area reports that it has collected more than 23 million pounds (more than 115,000 tons) of clothing and household goods since launching in 2008, a tremendous milestone for the program.

The success achieved by UWVC Recycling is not only good for the environment and veterans, but metro area residents as well. In New York City for example, the program has exhibited multiple benefits:

  • It helps the environment by keeping useable items out of landfills;

  • It saves taxpayers nearly $150,000 per year in disposal costs;

  • It helps veterans by providing revenue for UWVC programs;

  • It allows people to take a tax deduction for donations of clothing and household goods.

In addition to the “white glove door-to-door pickup service” the program provides, UWVC Recycling leaders credit its success to the implementation of a true ‘closed-loop’ system, where items are collected and recycled by re-using them in their original forms. This closed-loop system is beneficial to the environment, as it does not contaminate the recycling stream and it is less expensive for municipalities and taxpayers. Programs using single stream recycling, which collect co-mingled, recyclable refuse and require higher processing costs due to sorting, lead to contaminated materials that end up in landfills.

Last year UWVC Recycling collected 1,488 tons (more than 2.9 million lbs.) of donated clothing and household goods, a 30 percent increase over 2013.  Trash disposal costs New York City approximately $100 per ton, with the program saving taxpayers an estimated $148,800 by removing that burden from the City’s waste collection system. With greater cooperation from New York City, the existing operational infrastructure of the program is capable of more than doubling both collections and taxpayers’ savings.

“Our program is a win-win recycling option for veterans, the City, taxpayers and the environment,” said UWVC President Vincent McGowan. “With our program, we are able to fund initiatives for veterans while saving taxpayers money and I believe it can also be a major force in helping achieve the Zero Waste goals of OneNYC.”

“Single stream recycling has proven itself to be costly to the environment as it contaminates the recycling stream and it financially burdens all tax payers due to higher processing costs of contaminated items,” said Debra Menich who has led the UWVC Recycling Program since it began in 2008. “Our program offers concierge, door-to-door pick up service triggered simply by scheduling via a phone call or visit to our website. This sustainable social model is an ideal solution that benefits all: veterans, tax payers, municipalities and the environment.”

The UWVC Recycling program does not use collection bins. It provides a premium service by allowing residents or building managers to log on to or call 888-821-UWVC (8982) to arrange a convenient pickup for clothing, textiles and household items.

UWVC Recycling picks up gently used clothing and household goods from homes and apartment buildings, providing metro-area residents with a convenient, effective way to give to our veterans.  Proceeds benefit the UWVC’s mission to positively impact and serve the veterans community. With over 40,000 new veterans projected to join the 250,000-plus veterans already in the area, UWVC Recycling will play an important role in ensuring that these men and women receive the care and assistance they deserve.


AHAVA Cactus & Pink Pepper
Mineral Hand Cream

AHAVA Dead Sea Laboratories was founded to study the powerful, rejuvenating minerals found in the Dead Sea.  Since 1988, AHAVA has grown to become the definitive Dead Sea mineral beauty expert with a loyal and dedicated following.

With Breast Cancer Awareness Month just around the corner, it’s time to think positively pink with AHAVA, the World’s Dead Sea Beauty Authority and their new Cactus & Pink Pepper Mineral Hand Cream.

This Mineral-rich hand cream is specially formulated to protect hands while providing relief and nourishment. Blended with Dead Sea minerals, this hand cream gently and effectively softens rough, dry skin and improves moisture levels while protecting and smoothing hands.

Since we started our Green Living Newsletter we have received many products, including beauty products, to sample and review.  This could very easily qualify as one of our favorites!  The light and pleasing scent coupled with its super hydrating and healing properties left our tired hands smooth and silky.  And when we learned that for every purchase of the Cactus & Pink Pepper Mineral Hand Cream on AHAVA online, the brand will make a 20% donation to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, PLUS they will also donate $1 for every like on AHAVA’s Breast Cancer Awareness themed Instagram posts for the month of October.  We feel great on the inside too!   

$23.00 for 3.4 oz. tube.  For more info or to order, visit:

Green Your Halloween

Scarier than a goblin or a toddler with a sugar high is the amount of waste that is produced during the holiday season. Celebrating Halloween does not have to break the bank or be celebrated at the expense of our beloved planet. Those looking to have some eco-friendly fun this Halloween will take delight in this top-ten list

Top 10 Ways to Green Your Halloween

  • Schedule a costume swap night-bring costumes and accessories your kids have outgrown and trade with other parents.

  • Replace traditional paper party invitations with online invites.

  • Make your own costumes by reusing items found around the home, at local thrift stores, or at yard sales.

  • Walk the streets of your neighborhood, don't drive! The exercise is heart-healthy and eco-friendly.

  • Avoid the plastic trick or treat bags-try decorating an old pillowcase, a tote bag, or a recycled shopping tote.

  • Treat the kids to organic and fair-trade goodies.

  • Shop for locally grown holiday treats and decorations-apples, pumpkin, gourds.

  • Find alternatives to candy treats-try soy crayons or packets of seeds that can be planted in the spring.

  • Fill your flashlight with rechargeable batteries instead of conventional batteries.

  • Host a pumpkin pie bakeoff in your town-a great way to use the post-halloween pumpkins.

3 Small Businesses Recognized for Recycling Efforts

Small businesses in Pennsylvania, California and New Jersey that promote recycled products and services were announced today as the winners of Green America’s quarterly “People & Planet Award.” The Award recognizes innovative U.S. small businesses that integrate environmental and social considerations into their strategies and operations.

The winners of the $5,000 prizes are: Mr. Ellie Pooh of Millersburg, PA; RocknSocks of San Rafael, CA; and TerraCycle of Trenton, NJ. The three winners were selected by the public during a month-long online voting period.

Alisa Gravitz, president of Green America, said: “Recycling is central to the notion of more sustainable living and the three companies we are recognizing today are innovators in this important field. All of the companies are finding new ways to expand the definition of recycling to include materials that are often ignored in conventional recycling programs. Our goal with the People & Planet Award is to recognize and highlight the people who are out there pushing the boundaries to make this a greener planet.”

The winning companies are:

Mr. Ellie Pooh, Millersburg, PA. Mr. Ellie Pooh is an Earth-friendly company that sells and produces 100-percent recycled paper products made of 50-percent fiber from elephant dung and 50-percent post-consumer paper. In Sri Lanka, elephants are being killed as they compete with farmers for land. Mr. Ellie Pooh believes that putting sustainable fair trade jobs in areas of human/elephant conflict can create an environment where elephants are thought of as assets and not as a threat.
RocknSocks, San Rafael, CA. RocknSocks is the first and only U.S. made sock company to use pre-consumer regenerated cotton blend yarns exclusively in the manufacture of our dynamic eco-friendly sock line. Cotton scraps are taken from other textile manufacturing waste, sorted by color, ground up and spun into yarns allowing us to avoid using dyes in our cotton blend yarns. Winning the award will help RocknSocks recycle damaged, returned and sample socks to create a line of sock “creatures”. Our sock creature line will be a non-profit both giving away creatures and/or profits to children and families in need.
TerraCycle, Trenton, NJ. TerraCycle’s mission is to “eliminate the idea of waste.” We run free consumer recycling programs, called Brigades, for waste streams that are typically considered non-recyclable. From drink pouches, toothbrushes and makeup containers to coffee capsules and even cigarette butts, our recycling programs give new life to waste that would otherwise be destined for the landfill.

Karl Wald, owner of Mr. Ellie Pooh said: “We are thrilled to win this prestigious award. Every penny of this award will go back to supporting our Fair Trade initiatives and promoting education about human/elephant conflict in Sri Lanka. Elephants have been in the news a lot lately. They are noble creatures and deserve this attention.”

Misty Reilly, founder of RocknSocks said: "RocknSocks is deeply honored to be chosen as a recipient of the $5000 prize. We plan on initiating an up-cycling project, by taking singles, returns, and damaged RocknSocks and turning them into sock creatures, like monkeys, bunnies, bears, and dragons. We then plan on donating the profits from the sales of these creatures to local non-profits that service low-income communities. In addition we will donate some of the creatures themselves to children in these communities."

Tom Szaky, CEO of TerraCycle said:  “TerraCycle is thrilled to win the Green America People & Planet Green Business Award. Green America is a widely respected organization and we are proud to accept such a respected third-party validation of our work. The prize money will be utilized to help expand our free recycling fundraisers for schools and communities around the country.”

The next round of Green America’s quarterly award will be given to three green small businesses that focus on vegan products.