Green Your Halloween

Big Apple Crunch

Pukka Teas Aim to Please

Jeans Made with Recycled Water Bottles

Seapoint Farms Unveils New & Unique Premium Edamame Snack Variety

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Green Your Halloween

Scarier than a goblin or a toddler with a sugar high is the amount of waste that is produced during the holiday season. Celebrating Halloween does not have to break the bank or be celebrated at the expense of our beloved planet. Those looking to have some eco-friendly fun this Halloween will take delight in this top-ten list

Top 10 Ways to Green Your Halloween

  • Schedule a costume swap night-bring costumes and accessories your kids have outgrown and trade with other parents.

  • Replace traditional paper party invitations with online invites.

  • Make your own costumes by reusing items found around the home, at local thrift stores, or at yard sales.

  • Walk the streets of your neighborhood, don't drive! The exercise is heart-healthy and eco-friendly.

  • Avoid the plastic trick or treat bags-try decorating an old pillowcase, a tote bag, or a recycled shopping tote.

  • Treat the kids to organic and fair-trade goodies.

  • Shop for locally grown holiday treats and decorations-apples, pumpkin, gourds.

  • Find alternatives to candy treats-try soy crayons or packets of seeds that can be planted in the spring.

  • Fill your flashlight with rechargeable batteries instead of conventional batteries.

  • Host a pumpkin pie bakeoff in your town-a great way to use the post-halloween pumpkins.


Big Apple Crunch - October 24, 2013

SPECIAL EVENT:  Food Day - October 24, 2013

The Big Apple Crunch is an attempt to set the world record for the "Most Participants in an Apple-Crunching Event." This event will take place on FOOD DAY - October 24, 2013. New Yorkers can participate by finding a crunch near you: at any of GrowNYC's Greenmarket Farmers' Markets or another location near you or by hosting a crunch yourself!  The organizers  want it to be the crunch heard 'round the world! Please pledge to take a bite with them at 12pm or at any time during the day that works for you. - a New York City based organization tracking new world records - will be tracking our progress towards having the "Most Participants in an Apple-Crunching Event!"

How to participate:

 You can organize a group crunch, join another group crunch, or bite into an apple at any time during the day that works for you. 

To organize a group crunch:
 All you need to do is register your group and then gather everyone to crunch into an apple together on October 24th.  Crunches can take places at schools, classrooms, workplaces, colleges, hospitals, and anywhere else. 

To join in a group crunch:
There will be group crunches happening in many locations throughout New York City on October 24th, including at all of the Greenmarkets that will be open that day.  To find a Greenmarket farmers market near you, look at their Find a Crunch to Join section or click here:  Farmers markets are also a great place to buy local apples – you can find a complete list of NYC farmers markets at

To crunch on your own:  
Just sign up and eat an apple.

2013 Goal: 1,000,000 Crunches (2012 record was 400,000).  Form a group or join one.  Crunch!


Pukka Teas Aim to Please

Two hundred forty years after the Sons of Liberty dumped the equivalent of $1.7 million in East India Company tea into Boston Harbor, “America's tea drinkers are enjoying the most tasteful and successful British invasion since The Beatles,” according to the folks at Pukka.  

Stirred to action by piquant posts on web pages, Pukka herbal teas have quietly and quickly slipped into the cupboards of American homes.  Renowned for their full-bodied rich and utterly delicious flavors, all Pukka teas are 100 percent certified organic.  Sip by sip, this renowned British tea made from herbs grown and harvested at organic farms in India and around the world have conquered the formidable taste buds of American tea-drinking aficionados.

The United States is not alone in favoring the Pukka brand.  Now celebrating its tenth year, Pukka Herbs' teas are available to refresh, invigorate, soothe, rejuvenate, calm, restore and brighten days and nights of tea lovers in 32 other countries, as well.

The passionate, consciousness-raising work of Pukka's co-founders, Sebastian Pole, Herbal Director, and Tim Westwell, Managing Director, has been the driving force behind the international success of the brand.  Stringent adherence to the highest standards for quality, fair trade, sustainability and unswerving devotion to following their dream provided the inspiration for others to join them in their quest for creating a company that is good for the planet and people alike.
"I like to think there is a healing, sustaining drop of herbal wisdom in every cup of Pukka tea," said Pole, a recognized expert herbalist who lived in India.  "Whether you love Lemongrass & Ginger, Peppermint & Licorice, Golden Chamomile, Three Mint, or Vanilla, Black or Green Spiced Chai, or any of our other great blends, you are bound to find a Pukka tea to suit your American taste."

Pukka teas are made to suit every mood and are created to meet the company's goals on every level, according to Westwell.   "We offer a wide range of herbal teas that's designed to provide a satisfying boost for each person's taste and need," said Westwell.  "Translated from Hindi, Pukka means authentic or genuine.  That is what we have strived for in every aspect of the Pukka brand.  Behind all of our products is a fundamental respect for the earth. All of our teas are blended and made here in the UK to our exacting standards for quality and authenticity." Pukka has taken product quality to a higher plain.  The company created an educational program for herb farmers based on the highest standards and guidelines developed by the World Health Organization.

All of this passion and devotion to creating teas that are good for people and the earth itself has attracted more than a little attention and admiration.  Pukka won its first award in 2002 for the "Best New Organic Product" at the Natural Products trade show in Brighton, England.  The brand has consistently garnered top awards year after year at show after show, including ten coveted awards in just the last three years alone. 
Clearly, Pukka is behind the most welcome British invasion in the U.S. in decades.  American tea lovers are being conquered by the extraordinary flavorful Pukka teas that not only taste good, but make the tea drinker feel good by knowing that Pukka Herbs is doing good in many countries around the world. 

Readers who would like more information about Pukka Herbs can visit  Readers can purchase Pukka across the U.S. at the Vitamin Shoppe, The Fresh Market, Whole Foods, Safeway and Fairway for about $6.95.

Jeans Made with Recycled Water Bottles

KICKSTARTER: 7 Days to Go!

Founded in 2008 by Joe Fox, race car driver, entrepreneur and North Carolina native, Dirtball constructs eco-friendly apparel and gear for active individuals – cutting across age and gender lines. Dirtball only uses recycled materials in their products and all products are designed and produced in the United States, the majority within a 250 mile radius of their headquarters. Not only does the recycled content add to the ecological friendliness of the company, but the U.S.-based manufacturing arm adds to the local economy and shortens shipping distances, thereby reducing Dirtball’s carbon footprint.

The Green Jean is an eco-friendly jean made with denim using recycled water bottles.  Dirtball is now offering fans the chance to become a part of bringing the Green Jean to life on Kickstarter. With just 7 days to go, Dirtball will carry out the rest of its crowdfunding campaign with a goal of raising $40,000 in funding to cover manufacturing and material costs to get the line started.

The post-consumer plastic water bottles used in making the jeans are sorted by color, stripped of their labels and caps, washed and ground down into shavings. These shavings are then melted and extruded into virgin polyester fiber. The Green Jean uses cotton, in addition to the recycled plastic water bottles, that comes from industry scraps that hit the floor and would usually go to landfills. The cotton is also sorted by color and blended with the polyester to make a new fiber that is spun into yarn and knitted into fabric.

For a pledge of $85, backers can get a pair of the jeans while supporting the campaign and helping it reach its funding goal all at the same time. Supporters can pledge anywhere from $1 upwards in exchange for all different rewards including some of Dirtballs other eco-friendly apparel for men; t-shirts, polos, shorts, hats, hooded sweatshirts, socks, chinos and now The Green Jean.

A successful crowdfunding campaign will allow Dirtball and supporters to recycle almost 4,000 water bottles if their $40,000 funding goal is met. The company will also sustain approximately 25 U.S. manufacturing jobs for two months and save hundreds of barrels of crude oil just from the Green Jean alone.

To learn more about Dirtball’s Green Jean or to order a pair today and support the campaign, visit the project’s crowdfunding page at, Like them on Facebook and Follow them on Twitter @dirtballfashion.


Seapoint Farms Unveils New and Unique Premium Edamame Snack Variety


Founded in 1996 by Kevin and Laura Cross, Seapoint Farms is the first American company to pioneer edamame into U.S. supermarkets and natural food stores. The company is committed to offering all natural, non-GMO, delicious and convenient products and strives to bring the health benefits of edamame to consumers across the country in accessible and enjoyable ways. Seapoint Farms offers nutritious and convenient frozen edamame varieties, as well as a number of unique dry roasted edamame snacks. 

Seapoint Farms, America’s favorite edamame, has launched an exciting new snack, as well as expanded packaging options for two of its dry roasted edamame products – all now available to retailers nationwide.

Seapoint Farms new Crunchy Coated Premium Black Edamame is a gluten-free, heart healthy, non-GMO and protein-rich snack. Black edamame is made from a unique variety of black soybean that is distinctly sweet and prized in Japan. Seapoint Farms seasons its Crunchy Coated Premium Black Edamame with sea salt, making them the perfect combination of sweet and savory flavors.  The Crunchy Coated Premium Black Edamame comes in a 3.5 oz. bag with an MSRP of $1.99.

Edamame is a specialty soybean that is harvested when the bean is 80 to 90 percent mature. In addition to soy protein, edamame contains all the essential amino acids, is high in essential fatty acids and contains no cholesterol. The bite-sized edamame is high in protein with nine grams per serving. It also is a good source of fiber, is cholesterol free and has just 140 calories per serving. 

“Seapoint Farms Crunchy Coated Premium Black Edamame offers the same nutrition and quality as our other products, but in a new and exciting way for U.S. consumers,” said Laura Cross, president of Seapoint Farms. “In the tradition of our edamame, this product is very versatile and can be enjoyed right out of the bag, added to trail mix or used as a topper for salads, soups and other foods.”

Seapoint Farms is also responding to increased customer demand by expanding the packaging options for two of its dry roasted edamame items: Lightly Salted Dry Roasted Edamame and Spicy Wasabi Dry Roasted Edamame. Both varieties are now available in eight-bag boxes of 100-calorie Snack Packs, as well as in individual 1.58 oz. snack-size bags. The 100-calorie pack boxes carry an MSRP of $3.99-4.99, while the 1.58 oz. bags, which come in their own display cases of 12, have an MSRP of $.99 – perfect for the grab-and-go aisle or a register display.

Crunchy, packed with flavor (especially the wasabi), portable, and a healthy alternative to traditional snacks.  That’s why we love these snacks from Seapoint Farms.  Enjoyable as a snack or mixed into salads for a little added crunch. 

All the new products are available now to retailers nationwide, as well as at The new products join the Seapoint Farms family of more than 20 frozen and dry roasted edamame products. For more information on Seapoint Farms’ entire product line, please visit