October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Say Goodbye to Clutter and Hello to Your New Friend The World’s First Reusable Bag Organizer

NEW PRODUCT WE LOVE! Advanced Mineral Makeup: Naturally Good for Your Skin

Happy HallowGreen Thrift Town’s Debuts 5th Annual Halloween Contest

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From the most mojo-rific of foods, juicy of spirits to your eco chic entertaining table, energetic health and the most scrumptiously delicious beauty, they’ve made it their job and passion to cover organics from the inside out, the outside in and all the way around. At you‘ll discover how to grow your first apartment herb garden, how to host a summer BBQ your friends will rave about for seasons to come, which natural deodorants actually work, and so much more. Recent articles have been as varied and interesting as:

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The folks at believe that delicious food is synonymous with healthy vibrant fare; grungy, dull, boring, bland, granola "hippie food" is a stereotype of the past. Through supporting sustainable agriculture, they enrich their own lives, each other’s lives and the life of our planet. OrganicAuthority has all the tips and expert advice you need for delicious living that is good for you—body, mind, and soul.


October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

According to the American Cancer Society, breast cancer has already claimed the lives of over 39,510 women in the United States this year. To help fight this deadly disease, Organic Bouquet, the largest online provider of eco-friendly and organic floral gifts will be donating 15% of the purchase price of select florals and gifts that support breast cancer charities, including, the Breast Cancer Fund and Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation during October Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Easy Way to Donate and Celebrate

Select one of the offerings that are featured for National Breast Cancer Month by clicking here

In addition to supporting breast cancer charities such as:, the Breast Cancer Fund, and the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation through its “Flower for Good” program, Organic Bouquet also supports women year long through the implementation of various programs that provide a brighter and happier future for women. The company employs over 60% females on their Certified Sustainable Farms in Ecuador and Colombia, providing zero-interest loans, childcare, healthcare, education, environmental protection and more to local workers.

Say Goodbye to Clutter and Hello to Your New Friend
The World’s First Reusable Bag Organizer

According to the Clean Air Council, Americans use about 1 billion shopping bags a year, which equals 300,000 tons of landfill waste! People may not realize, but plastic bags cost millions of dollars to send to landfills and they harm our earth in more ways than we know. Using reusable bags is an extremely easy way to help preserve the environment we live in. While grocery stores across the nation are moving towards banning plastic bags, reusable bags are becoming more widely used and popular.

Now with all the eco-friendly bags around the house, how will one keep them organized? The Tote Buddy is the world’s first reusable bag organizer that will surely solve all of your problems! The Tote Buddy knows that shopping trips can get a little hectic. The last thing you want to deal with before a shopping trip is the clutter from all the grocery bags lying around the house. Let The Tote Buddy make the shopping process a bit easier!

Julie Zizka, creator of The Tote Buddy, came up with the idea for a reusable grocery bag organizer after realizing that she had the tendency to forget her reusable bags in the trunk of her car. With The Tote Buddy, bags can now be held together in one place to make shopping trips more efficient and organized. The Tote Buddy is not only a good tool to have while shopping, but Tote Buddies are also stylish and fun! The Tote Buddy comes in a variety of colors and patterns, from floral and zebra print to solid pink.

The sister-brother team behind The Tote Buddy, hope to change the way Americans shop by making it easier to shop with reusable bags. Eventually the shift will happen and everyone across the nation will bring his or her own grocery bags to the store. The Tote Buddy will make people’s shopping trips easier, while being eco-friendly and user-friendly. To order or for more info: visit:

Advanced Mineral Makeup: Naturally Good for Your Skin

Advanced Mineral Makeup is an ultra-refined, 100% natural mineral makeup line created by highly skilled TV and Film Makeup Artist, Annie Mayo. Unlike conventional makeup, Advanced Mineral Makeup is anti-bacterial and does not contain talc, perfumes, parabens, dyes or preservatives, making it healthy for the skin and ideal for those who suffer from hyperpigmentation, acne, rosacea, and sensitivity. The line includes: liquid mineral foundation, loose powder foundation, pressed powder compacts, perfecting concealer, makeup brushes, and blushes, eye shadows, and cream luminizers that are packaged in refillable eco-friendly palettes.

Available in a wide range of shades suitable for all skin tones and types, Advanced Mineral Makeup offers natural looking foundations and powders that require no touch ups. The Loose Powder Foundation is a four-in-one product, serving as a powder, foundation, concealer, and sunscreen (SPF 30) while the Perfecting Concealer effectively combats dark circles and puffiness without appearing cakey or dry. The 100% vegan formula of the Liquid Mineral Foundation is available in 7 lustrous shades and boosts the skin’s natural function by stimulating cell growth to rejuvenate tired skin. Also functioning as a four-in-one product, the Pressed Powder Compact is a foundation, concealer, and powder, and it also contains a natural sunscreen of zinc and titanium dioxide.

The products have been used on the set of NCIS and Grey’s Anatomy due to its lightweight, camera-friendly components. Head Makeup Artist for Grey’s Anatomy, Sharon, asserts, “The products are very natural looking and so easy to use. I really like the coverage and being able to layer, if needed, without heavy buildup.” Joe Hailey, the Industry Leading Makeup on NCIS, praises the line for being “natural looking,” which is “important for us using high-definition cameras and actresses who have very sensitive skin.”

But we didn’t just take their word for it, we tried it ourselves. The lightweight feel of the liquid makeup made us a bit skeptical, not sure what kind of coverage we would get, until we put it on. It delivered. The coverage was nice and light—light enough to look natural and be easy to apply and dense enough to provide coverage of minor flaws.

Sold in dermatologist’s offices, high-end spas, resorts and salons, Advanced Mineral Makeup is a universal line made for people of all ages, skin types, and skin tones. The line uses only the finest ingredients to create fresh, radiant, and beautiful skin. For more information please visit:


Happy HallowGreen
Thrift Town’s Debuts 5th Annual Halloween Contest

Thrift Town (a family-owned business operating fifteen thrift stores in four western states) is awarding a total of $450.00 in gift cards to people who wear secondhand costumes, create costumes from secondhand items, or decorate with secondhand items. The contest boasts eight categories that include costumes, décor and pets. Top prize for the Most Creative Costume is a $100 Thrift Town Gift Card.

Lions and Tigers, and check out those prices, oh my! It’s Halloween time, and with seven out of ten people expected to dress up for Halloween this year, the good old pocketbook may take a hit in order to be the best dressed witch at the monster ball.

However, at Thrift Town, it doesn’t cost a fortune to pull together the perfect Halloween look. There’s no better time than Halloween to tap into your inner creative beast, crafting a unique and frightfully sensational costume on a budget. Thrift Town believes in this so much, they’re rewarding creative and thrifty costume and décor efforts in their annual HallowGreen contest!

This year Thrift Town is awarding a total of $450.00 in gift cards to people who wear secondhand costumes, create costumes from secondhand items, or decorate with secondhand items. The contest boasts eight categories that include costumes, décor and pets! Top prize for the MostCreative Costume is a $100 Thrift Town Gift Card, and of course, bragging rights. For contest details go to This year they’re asking our online communities to help choose the winners. LIKE or Re-PIN your favorite entries on Thrift Town’s Halloween Contest Pinterest Board to help determine category winners. Contest ends November 15th, 2012. Secondhand costumes, and/or items need not be purchased from Thrift Town to enter orwin.

Consider donating used costumes and decorations to a local charity when Halloween is over. Many charities run household recycling programs that provide curbside pickup for unwanted goods. Thrift Town lives its vision statement of being committed to making a difference every day, raising nearly $250-million dollars for their charity partners. Thrift Town’s award winning clean, bright, and organized stores set them apart in the thrift world, making them the premier thrift destination. Thrift Town is owned and operated by Norquist Salvage Corporation, which has spend over four decades dedicated to socially responsible recycling.