4 Foods That'll Re-Grow from Kitchen Scraps

Recycle Your Christmas Tree into a Sexy Eco-Bra? The French Do It

10 Ideas for Eco-Friendly Summer Fun

New App Educates Children About
Environmental Responsibility

Tips for Keeping Dogs Safe and Comfortable When on Vacation

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4 Foods That'll Re-Grow from Kitchen Scraps

You recycle your bottles and newspapers, you upcycle thrift store finds into decor treasures, and you reuse all your plastic bags. But do you upcycle your food scraps?  We’re not talking compost here, we’re talking re-growing food from scraps you might have tossed.  Turns out, several odds and ends you might have tossed can be re-grown into more food!  Here’s a great list compiled by the folks at Organic Authority.

When your recipe only calls for the green part of the scallions, don’t toss the white end with the roots. Stick it in a glass jar with a little water and the greens will grow back. You can just snip off what you need as you go. This also works with leeks.

This delicious, aromatic herb is really just a grass and will grow well in a pot in a sunny spot. Take the root ends (after you’ve used the rest in a recipe) and put in a jar of water in a sunny spot. After a week or so, you’ll start to see roots appearing. Once the roots look healthy, transplant your lemongrass to a pot and let it grow. You can start harvesting when the stalks get to be a foot or more tall.

The next time you’re chopping a bunch of celery, save the root end! Place itin a shallow bowl of water, and after a few days, you should start to see roots and new leaves appear. As soon as you see these, you can plant the celery—leaving the leaves just above the soil.  The plant will continue to grow, and soon you’ll have a whole new head of celery!

Did you know that ginger makes a beautiful (and useful) houseplant? If you’ve got a piece of fresh ginger going spare in your fridge, you can plant it in potting soil. Ginger is a root, and before long, you’ll notice a lovely plant sprouting from it. Once the plant is big enough, you can actually pull it up, whack off a piece of the root, and replant it whenever you need fresh ginger—or just enjoy your culinary houseplant.

Organic Authority is a trusted ally and the web‘s leading resource for all things… delicious and organic! Come chill in their kitchen as they test-drive tried-and-true mouthwatering recipes and chat about the organic lifestyle. From the most mojo-rific of foods, juicy of spirits to your eco chic entertaining table, energetic health and the most scrumptiously delicious beauty, they’ve made it their job and passion to cover organics from the inside out, the outside in and all the way around. At OrganicAuthority you‘ll discover how to grow your first apartment herb garden, how to host a summer BBQ your friends will rave about for seasons to come, which natural deodorants actually work, and so much more. www.organicauthority.com


Recycle Your Christmas Tree into a Sexy Eco-Bra?
The French Do It

The French are known for their creativity – especially when it comes to pastries and lingerie. Eco-Fashion e-tailer FaeriesDance.com is known for its expansive collection of organic bras and panties. So when Faerie’s Dance found “Do You Green” making sexy, eco-friendly lingerie out of recycled pine tree prunings, there was an instant attraction.

French company, “Do You Green,” blends seduction with ecology to produce a sensuous line of eco-lingerie from pine tree prunings. Organic clothing boutique FaeriesDance.com now offers these styles in the USA.

The raw material for this unique lingerie line is acquired through cooperation with tree trimming companies. This eliminates the need to cut down virgin trees, instead using the large amount of tree prunings and discarded cut trees that are already available. The unique fabric is made exclusively in France using an enzyme-based eco-process that turns the pine into a viscose. The end result has a supple drape similar to rayon with a cashmere-like softness.

According to Sophie Young, Do You Green’s founder and designer, the line represents a true fusion of figure-defining styles, gorgeous French lace and sustainability. To top it off, the lingerie is relatively easy to care for. It’s safe for gentle machine washing, though shouldn’t be machine dried. It’s even purported to have anti-perspiration properties.

A number of these stunning pine tree bras, including the first eco-friendly strapless bra, are available online now at FaeriesDance.com. Of course, the men haven’t been forgotten. Men’s pine tree fabric boxer briefs are also available.


10 Ideas for Eco-Friendly Summer Fun

Whether you’re single or swimming with a passel of children, old or young, summer fun does not need to leave a huge footprint on the planet.  Here are ten ways to enjoy summertime without busting the environment or your wallet from the gals at EcoWomen.net:

1.  Get in gear–your bicycle gear, that is.  Emission-free, silent and accessible to anyone.  Ride tandem or solo, recumbent or off-trail.  Whatever your ability level, there is a bicycle for you.  You can find bike trails all across America, or just hop on a bicycle for a trip to your local ice cream parlor.  Summer’s a great time to swap out your vehicle for a bicycle to run errands or transport yourself to work.  Secondhand stores are a sweet way to find cheap rides, but Enviro Girl suggests you don’t skimp on a quality helmet.  Safety first!

2.  Pick a little.  Strawberries, blueberries, cherries, raspberries–summer is the season for picking your own food.  You might forage for wild berries in the woods or head to a local farm.  However you fill your bucket, the fruit you pick yourself always tastes sweetest.

3.  Grab a paddle–and a kayak or canoe or rowboat.  Inboard and outboard motors churn up the water, damage shorelines, destroy habitats and create a lot of air and water pollution.  Head to your favorite fishing or swimming hole using a less expensive boat.  You might not be able to waterski behind a kayak, but you’ll discover more wildlife and burn more calories than petroleum if you paddle yourself across open waters.

4.  Get carded–at your local library.  The ultimate in affordable resources, public libraries offer free materials from books to movies, programs on a range of topics, discussion groups and more.  Summer reading programs have incentives to get between the covers of a good book for readers of any age.  Check out a free read from your local library–and educate or entertain yourself!

5.  Plant yourself–a garden, not in front of a screen!  It’s June, so many garden centers have moved products to clearance.  Beautify your porch, patio or yard with some flowers and shrubs or grow a season of salads and salsa.  All you need are plants, dirt and water to get started.

6.  Grill out.  While Enviro Girl swears by charcoal, this post by Recycla can help you get started on enjoying the pleasures of food cooked over open flame.  Not only will grilling out keep the inside of your house cooler, it’s a great excuse to make mealtime an event.  Invite the neighbors, have everyone bring a dish to pass and you’ve gone from ordinary dinner to festive party with no effort.

7.  Hit the trails.  First, spray down to prevent bug bites and get out there!  Enviro Girl always laughs at people driving to gyms to sweat indoors on electronically powered equipment when it’s free and easy to work up a sweat while enjoying nature and fresh air.  Cancel your gym membership, put your treadmill in storage and open your front door to the world outside!  You can stroll through a neighborhood, run down a paved trail or challenge yourself across a rocky terrain beyond your city limits.  No matter where your feet hit the planet, it’s exercise and it’s good for your mind and body.

8.  Take me out to the ballgame.  Or take a friend.  You can watch Little League for free or ante up for box seats at a major league park, but baseball is the quintessential summertime sport.  It’s also a very eco-friendly sport–no engines, almost no noise other than the crack of the bat hitting a ball, and no pollution.  Even more fun–play a little ball yourself.  Join a city softball or baseball league or set up a friendly competition with friends and family.  And if all-American baseball’s not your game, there’s always soccer or kickball or tennis, equally cheap to play at a local park or in your back yard.

9.  The play’s the thing–or the music.  Summertime offers a variety of outdoor concerts, theater and other entertainment.  Your local chamber of commerce website or newspaper is a great place to start finding free entertainment.  What’s easier on the environment–a huge pyrotechnic/laser lit rock concert in an amphitheater or an outdoor performance at a city park?  Not only do the small, free, local venues create less pollution and a more intimate experience, they’re a better deal than shelling out a hundred bucks to see Bruce Springsteen … through binoculars … from bleacher seats 50 rows back from the stage … while surrounded by screaming fans drowning out the sound of Born in the U.S.A.

10.  Find a lawn chair and relax.  After all, that’s what summer’s about–relaxing.  Snag a spot beneath a shade tree, on the beach, under the stars or beside a bonfire.  Turn off all electronic devices and pay attention to the beautiful world and people around you.  Swap ghost stories, admire fireflies, watch birds, gaze at stars, sing songs or sip a cold beverage.  You can watch TV or surf the net all winter.

The Eco Women are Enviro Girl, Recycla, Captain Compost, the Green Mommy, Green Queen, and Eco Lassie — six women who are out to save Planet Earth one day at a time. Join them in their adventures as they Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle, as well as leap tall buildings in a single bound.  Who are the Eco Women and where do they each save Planet Earth?

Enviro Girl’s superhero lair is set on 60 acres in rural Wisconsin, while Recycla’s superhero lair is in a small college town in Virginia.  Captain Compost’s superhero lair is in Colorado.  The Green Mommy’s superhero lair is in the heart of New York City, while Eco Lassie’s superhero lair is hidden in North Carolina.  Green Queen’s superhero lair is is in the center of the Pacific Northwest.  Six different Eco Warriors; six different superhero lairs.  See?  It doesn’t matter WHERE you live — EVERYONE can be an Eco Warrior.  Great tips and info available at www.ecowomen.net


New App Educates Children About
Environmental Responsibility

Entrepreneur Paul Franco has developed a smartphone app called Teeba and Friends. By telling a story that is also an interactive game, Teeba and Friends teaches youngsters about sustainability.

There is general agreement that the best hope for environmental responsibility lies with the next generation. With that in mind, entrepreneur Paul Franco, a Brazilian native who now lives in Hawaii, has developed a smartphone app that teaches children to be eco-friendly.

The app, called Teeba and Friends, is an animated adventure for children ages 3 and up. It’s about a boy, Teeba, and a monkey, Sawi, who go fishing in an Amazon river but aren’t able to find any fish. They discover that a large corporation has built a hydroelectric dam that is destroying the natural flow of the river, which kills the fish and disrupts all the other species that feed on them.

After learning more about the ecology of the river and surrounding rainforest, Teeba and Sawi talk to animals they meet and try to convince the corporation to seek other ways to generate energy.

Teeba and Friends is based on the real-life story of a similar project, the controversial Belo Monte Dam in Para, Brazil.
“Teaching children is most effective when they’re unaware that they’re being taught,” said Franco. “This app is a fun, interactive game but it also educates kids about some very important ecological issues.

“It’s essential that they learning about animals, the environment and the impacts that our growing civilization brings to the world.”  Franco has assembled a creative team to design and script the app. The basics are in place but the project needs additional funding for animation, programming, voice talent and educational consultants. About $8,000 is required to finalize the app and bring it to market.

In order to generate this start-up capital, Franco has launched a Kickstarter campaign, which can be viewed at www.kickstarter.com. So far, more than $2,000 has been raised.
Donations of any amount are welcome. Those who contribute $50 or more are eligible for perks, such as digital downloads of the game, T-shirts and signed canvas prints of the game scenes.

 “Our greatest aspiration is to inspire a future generation of eco-warriors, creating scientists, engineers, and even conscientious CEOs who are dedicated to improving our future,” Franco said. “The best way to do that is to educate and inspire the children of today.”

For additional information, visit www.kickstarter.coms or the Teeba and Friends website, www.teebaandfriends.com.  Franco can be reached directly at paulflymaui@yahoo.com.

Tips for Keeping Dogs Safe and Comfortable
When on Vacation

With the summer travel season upon us, Holcombe Organics, creators of FurRefresh, are working hard to keep their pets safe and are able to provide tips for those summer vacations. Holcombe Organics has 25 years of experience in taking care of hundreds of animals saved from shelters and from abuse and/or neglect. Close contact with many adopters who travel with their dogs has emphasized that there are obvious mistakes made that result in injury or loss of their pets. Pet owners can be careless and wrongfully assume they know their dogs well enough to predict behavior in unfamiliar territory.  

The first mistake is not putting the dog on a leash in a new and strange environment. The dog is likely nervous and excited, and an unusual noise or unfamiliar activity can cause him to bolt. Owners often assume the dog will obey and behave as usual off leash. Until he is comfortable with his surroundings and no longer nervous, he should be kept on a leash.

The second mistake is to let the dog wander out of sight during walks in parks and on trails. The dog is in unfamiliar territory where he can explore, chase an animal or scent, and soon be a good distance away. When he is out of view he might not hear a call and because he doesn't know how to locate his owner, he could easily be lost. Many dogs are abandoned in parks, having been lost by their owners.

The third mistake is to allow the dog to be dirty, uncomfortable, itchy and too smelly to share close quarters with others. Dogs can be mistreated if they are nasty. A dry shampoo like FurRefresh from Holcombe Organics http://www.holcombeorganics.com is a must so he can be clean, comfortable and delightfully aromatic company.

FurRefresh is an all culinary, safe, chemical-free, lickable, eco-friendly, dry shampoo for cats and dogs.  Available in 4 scents, each choice is created with culinary spices and each offers individual health benefits.  Vanilla and Lavender also provide aromatherapy for stress reduction, relaxation and anxiety reduction.  Not only does FurRefresh clean and condition your pet's coat, the all-natural ingredients help calm and relieve itchy skin, and help repel insects.  Simply sprinkle FurRefresh on your pet's coat, massage in, and, if desired, brush out.  

After many years of the challenge of having nasty, smelly animals arrive, Holcombe Organics developed FurRefresh as a unique solution for effectively cleaning cats and dogs without water. FurRefresh is made from all culinary ingredients so it is safe if ingested. Having an all-natural, green, eco-friendly, product that could also help reduce itch and act as a natural insect repellent were requirements when FurRefresh was developed.