The Beauty of Recycling: Recycle your waste with Garnier®


Tea Championship Tags the Best Iced Teas for Summer & Beyond

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Audubon and Toyota Invite Applicants for 2014 Fellowship and Innovation Grants

New Magazine Debuts, Powered by Danny Seo

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The Beauty of Recycling:
Recycle your waste with Garnier®

Each year millions of personal care product and beauty product packages are needlessly discarded and end up in landfills. TerraCycle is proud to partner with Garnier® to create a second life for these empty containers.

Every time you finish your personal care or beauty product the eco-superheroes at TerraCycle want you to save the packaging and send it in. They will recycle the waste material into fun and innovative products. For each approved package received, your Collection Location will be awarded two TerraCycle points, which can be redeemed for a variety of charity gifts or for a payment of $0.02 to the non-profit organization or school of your choice.

Participation in the Personal Care and Beauty Brigade is simple and it’s completely FREE – all costs and shipping are covered by Garnier®. Sign–up online today and the rest is easy:

  1. Once you sign–up to participate in the Personal Care and Beauty Brigade you can download prepaid postage labels and collection materials from TerraCycle.

  2. Collect enough packaging to fill a collection box.

  3. Affix the pre–paid postage label and call a UPS near you for the next business day shipment pick-up (1-800-PICK-UPS).

If you would like more information or have any questions, please check out the Personal Care and Beauty Brigade FAQ. Garnier® is proud of its partnership with TerraCycle and is committed to making a difference. Sign–up today and join our effort to reduce the impact of our waste on the planet each year.

And to make collecting all your waste that much easier, download our helpful TerraCycle Collect, Store, Ship Guide for some tips and tricks that will make the collection process simple and mess-free. Also check out our Personal Care and Beauty Brigade Poster to help promote your collection efforts.



Quinoa (pronounced: KEEN-wah), one of the ancient food staples of the Incas, was called "The Mother Grain." An ivory-colored, tiny, bead-shaped grain, its flavor is delicate, almost bland, and has been compared to couscous or rice. Quinoa is lighter, but can be used in any way suitable for rice. Quinoa contains more protein than any other grain, and is higher in unsaturated fats and lower in carbohydrates than most grains and is a very good source of calcium, iron, phosphorous, B vitamins, and vitamin E. Quinoa's slow-releasing carbohydrates help to maintain blood sugar levels.

We usually think of quinoa as a grain, but it is actually the seed of a plant that, as its scientific name Chenopodium quinoa reflects, is related to beets, chard and spinach. These amino acid-rich seeds are not only very nutritious, but also very delicious. Cooked quinoa seeds are fluffy and creamy, yet slightly crunchy. They have a delicate, somewhat nutty flavor. While the most popular type of quinoa is a transparent yellow color, other varieties feature colors such as orange, pink, red, purple or black. Although often difficult to find in the marketplace, the leaves of the quinoa plant are edible, with a taste similar to its green-leafed relatives, spinach, chard and beets. Not only is quinoa high in protein, but the protein it supplies is complete protein, meaning that it includes all nine essential amino acids. Not only is quinoa's amino acid profile well balanced, making it a good choice for vegans concerned about adequate protein intake, but quinoa is especially well-endowed with the amino acid lysine, which is essential for tissue growth and repair. In addition to protein, quinoa features a host of other health-building nutrients. Because quinoa is a very good source of manganese as well as a good source of magnesium, iron, copper and phosphorus, this "grain" may be especially valuable for persons with migraine headaches, diabetes and atherosclerosis.

A few quick serving Ideas: Combine cooked chilled quinoa with pinto beans, pumpkin seeds, scallions and coriander. Season to taste and enjoy this south-of-the-border inspired salad. Add nuts and fruits to cooked quinoa and serve as breakfast porridge. For a twist on your favorite pasta recipe, use noodles made from quinoa. Sprouted quinoa can be used in salads and sandwiches just like alfalfa sprouts. Add quinoa to your favorite vegetable soups. Ground quinoa flour can be added to cookie or muffin recipes. Quinoa is great to use in tabouli, serving as a delicious (and wheat-free) substitute for the bulgar wheat with which this Middle Eastern dish is usually made. (Source:


Tea Championship Tags the Best Iced Teas
for Summer & Beyond

The North American Tea Championship (NATC) recently named the 25 best, premium iced teas in key categories. The NATC is the only independent and professionally-judged tea competition in North America and the premier platform for showcasing quality teas. Visit for a complete list of first, second and third-place winners in the NATC Iced Tea Class.

All of the high-quality NATC-winning teas are commercially available in the marketplace. Companies with 2014 first-place iced tea awards from NATC include:

  • Argo Tea

  • Bhakti Chai

  • Crystal Geyser Water Company

  • Dr. Pepper Snapple Group

  • Honeybush Health Ltd.

  • Immaculate Leaf

  • ITO EN (North America)

  • Kelley Organic / Eastsign Foods

  • Mellow Monk, LLC

  • QTrade Teas & Herbs

  • S&D Coffee and Tea

  • Shangri La Tea Co.

  • Walters Bay.

ITO EN (North America), S&D Coffee and Tea, QTrade Teas & Herbs and Kelley Organic / Eastsign Foods boast the most first-place wins in the NATC Iced Tea Class.

“All of this year’s North American Tea Championship winners in the Iced Tea Class are exceptional and highly recommended for summer 2014 and beyond,” says George Jage, director of the North American Tea Championship at The Beverage Group, a division of F+W Media. “The NATC had a lot of high-quality iced teas to choose from. Most notably, we’re seeing an increase in premium iced tea offerings for foodservice, so we added four ‘Best ValueAwards’ in Foodservice in different categories. We also presented a ‘Best Packaging Award.’ Congratulations to all of this year’s winners; we expect them to gets lots of attention from consumers and the foodservice industry, especially in the warmer months ahead.”

North American Tea Championship first-place winners include:
(Company, Website, Category, Name of the Winning Tea)

  • Argo Tea,, Ready-To-Drink –Green –Flavored, Green Tea Ginger Twist

  • Argo Tea,, Ready-To-Drink – Herbal – Any, MojiTea

  • Bhakti Chai,, Ready-To-Drink – Black – Sweetened, Bhakti Chai Almond Blend Ready-To-Drink

  • Crystal Geyser Water Company,, Ready-To-Drink – Black – Unflavored / Unsweetened, Tejava Premium Iced Tea

  • Immaculate Leaf,, Foodservice – Black – Unflavored / Unsweetened, Crushed Amber Oolong

  • ITO EN (North America),, Ready-To-Drink – Oolong – Flavored, TEAS' TEA Golden Oolong

  • ITO EN (North America),, Ready-To-Drink – Green – Sweetened, TEAS' TEA Jasmine Green Sweetened

  • ITO EN (North America),, Ready-To-Drink – Green – Unflavored / Unsweetened, TEAS' TEA Decaf Green

  • Kelley Organic / Eastsign Foods,, Instant – Black – Flavored, Lemon Flavor Black Tea

  • Kelley Organic / Eastsign Foods,, Instant – Black –Unflavored / Unsweetened, Instant Pu'er Tea Powder

  • Kelley Organic / Eastsign Foods,, Instant – Herbal – Any, Hibiscus Drink

  • Mellow Monk, LLC,, Instant – Green – Unflavored / Unsweetened, Just-Right Roast

  • QTrade Teas & Herbs,, Foodservice – Green – Flavored, Summer Me Baby

  • QTrade Teas & Herbs,, Foodservice – Herbal – Any, Citrus Ironwood

  • QTrade Teas & Herbs,, Foodservice – Green – Unflavored / Unsweetened, Emerald Green

  • S&D Coffee and Tea,, Foodservice – Bag-in-Box – Black Flavored,Teafinity Lemongrass Basil Bagless Black Tea

  • S&D Coffee and Tea,, Foodservice – Bag-in-Box – Green Flavored, Teafinity Blueberry Thyme Bagless Green Tea

  • S&D Coffee and Tea,, Foodservice – Black – Flavored, Black Currant Filter Pack Flavored Black Tea

  • Shangri La Tea Co.,, Instant – Green – Flavored, Tropical Green Quickbrewed

New NATC categories and winners include:
(Company, Website, Category, Name of the Winning Tea)

  • Honeybush Health Ltd.,, Ready to Drink – Best Packaging, the complete line of Honeybush Bottled Herbal Tea

  • S&D Coffee & Tea,, Best Value – Foodservice – Flavored Black Tea, Black Currant Filter Pack Flavored Black Tea

  • S&D Coffee & Tea,, Best Value – Foodservice - Unflavored Green Tea, Rainforest Alliance Green Tea

  • Walters Bay,, Foodservice – Flavored Green Tea, Walters Bay Lime Green Iced Tea

  • Walters Bay,, Best Value – Foodservice - Unflavored Black  Tea, Walters Bay Pure Ceylon Iced Tea                                                                                                               

All NATC tea submissions were evaluated blind and through organoleptic analysis of the following characteristics: dry leaf, brewed color, brewed aroma, brewed flavor, brewed mouth-feel and brewed harmony. An overall numerical value on a 100-point scale was then calculated based on the ratings of each characteristic. Winners were determined by rank.
Wilbur Curtis, a leading manufacturer of tea brewers and accessories, is the official equipment supplier for the North American Tea Championship Iced Tea Class evaluation. Global Customized Water is the official water supplier.

The North American Tea Championship is currently evaluating spring teas.


Anna's Potions and Lotions

Lip balms and lotions…we love these potions!  A few years ago while living in East Tennessee Debbie Miller, owner of Anna’s Potions and Lotions, was at a meeting of the Smoky Mountain Herbal Society when a member shared a roe cream she had made by distilling rose water from bushes in her backyard and whipping up a cream in her kitchen.  “It was the loveliest hand cream I’d ever found,” said Miller.  She bought a jar and planned to purchase another when she ran out, but the woman who created this cream moved away and they lost touch.

“I began reading up and experimenting with recipes and after some time, I created a product that reminded me of that lovely rose cream,” Miller boasts.  “It has now become my signature product.”

A long-time organic gardener, Debbie’s love for herbs helped her create Anna’s Potions and Lotions.  I created these products for “people unsatisfied with the chemicals, synthetic preservatives, petroleum by-products, dyes, sorbates, mineral oils, SLS or artificial fragrances,” stated Miller.  These “Honest Products from Nature” (the company tagline) are handcrafted using organic plant-based ingredients and plant-based preservatives packaged in recyclable containers.

We were lucky to sample the lip balms and moisturizing creams.  All were great.  Due to the rich and ultra glossy consistency, it was unanimous from staffers, the lip balms would be ideal for bedtime.  The moisturizing creams had a luxurious whipped consistency with just the right amount of fragrance. They left our skin so soft and smooth—never greasy.  Pick the scent that is best or you or opt or unscented…find out more or place an order at

Audubon and Toyota Invite Applicants for 2014 Fellowship and Innovation Grants

Toyota TogetherGreen, a conservation initiative of the National Audubon Society and Toyota, is pleased to invite applicants for its 2014 fellowship and innovation grants program. The program supports and fosters diverse, community-driven conservation projects that result in sustainable and innovative solutions.

This year, Audubon will award 20 Toyota TogetherGreen fellowships to promising and proven individuals to help them advance their environmental work and leadership skills. Each fellowship includes a $10,000 grant to develop and execute a community conservation action project, professional development opportunities and access to numerous networks and events. All fellows will be required to conduct a 12-month community-based action project to achieve measurable outcomes that address conservation goals.

Innovation grants will also be awarded to 20 cutting-edge conservation projects that involve communities traditionally underrepresented in the conservation movement, with a focus on habitat, water and energy preservation. All grantees will be required to build strategic organizational partnerships to help generate impact and long-term results.

In 2008, Audubon and Toyota created the Toyota TogetherGreen initiative through a $20 million grant – the largest donation in Audubon’s 104-year history. With this support, Audubon has expanded the scope and reach of its conservation action nationwide. Audubon and Toyota TogetherGreen have trained more than 695 conservation leaders, improved over 30,000 acres of habitat, conserved over 15 million gallons of water and captured $10.5 million worth of volunteer time in 295 cities across all 50 states.

In hundreds of communities, the program helps tens of thousands of people take conservation action, including a congregation in Chicago’s South Side that hosts organic farmers markets for residents with little access to healthy food, veterans who are healing war wounds through ecological restoration, and prisons that help restore habitat for the threatened Silverspot Butterfly in Oregon.

Audubon and Toyota TogetherGreen are changing the face of conservation in America by tackling tough problems with creativity, innovation and a diverse array of perspectives. From religious groups to inner-city students to low-income communities, Americans from all walks of life have gotten involved in this movement. Audubon and Toyota welcome those who are passionate about the environment and its preservation for future generations to apply.

The deadline to apply for a Toyota TogetherGreen fellowship or innovation grant is 6 p.m. PDT on Friday, August 15, 2014. Visit  and  for application guidelines, selection criteria, eligibility, benefits, and online applications for both programs.  For more information contact

New Magazine Debuts, Powered by Danny Seo

NATURALLY, DANNY SEO, a new magazine from lifestyle authority Danny Seo and Harris Publications, debuted with a Fall issue that hit newsstands nationwide last week. The lifestyle magazine looks at living the healthy, natural and good for you life with a fresh, authoritative voice that covers everything from food, beauty, travel, home, and entertaining all through Danny’s unique point-of-view as America’s leading guru of green living.

 “Instead of gimmicky weight loss tips and fluffy celebrity profiles, our goal is to help people find inspiring ideas where they can embrace this natural lifestyle easily and beautifully,” said Danny Seo, the magazine’s founding editor-in-chief. “Unlike my home life where I try to recycle everything, there is no repurposed content here; our well-researched original stories are equally matched with top-notch photography, styling and writing with just one goal: to inspire and enlighten the women who read my magazine.”

“There is no one as a lifestyle authority that people really resonate with in the healthy, natural space more than Danny Seo,” said Ben Harris, President of Harris Publications, the publishing company supporting NATURALLY. “Danny is more than an editor: he’s a force of nature that will prove this is more than just a gorgeous magazine, but the launching pad for a brand that will live beyond the pages of the publication.”

Danny’s presence and perspective run throughout the magazine. And he is joined by a team of top nutritionists, chefs, stylists, photographers and authorities who provide inspiring guidance for the readers.

Through Danny’s nine bestselling books, nationally syndicated column, regular TODAY Show appearances as a lifestyle contributor, and his line of Danny Seo branded products sold at over 4000 stores across the United States, one thing has remained consistent: quality.

NATURALLY, DANNY SEO is printed on the highest quality paper from Mohawk Fine Papers. The rich cover and special 16-page insert showcases Mohawk Options, a premium paper that is American-made with 100% post-consumer recycled pulp, and manufactured using eco-friendly, wind-sourced alternative energy.

“Mohawk Fine Papers is the “Tiffany” of paper, plain and simple. The luxurious paper stock we are using takes this magazine from regular flimsy newsstand fare to archival quality. The images look like fine art, and the weight and feel make you want to savor every page,” says Danny.

“In the digital age in which we live, consumers are rediscovering the importance of tangible objects that have permanence. We’ve seen a resurgence of consumers who want the tactile experience of reading a magazine on fine paper. Premium paper distinguishes a magazine. Fine paper feels beautiful, enhances imagery and immortalizes content, making a magazine more intriguing, cherished. We believe NATURALLY, DANNY SEO will change the tide in the publishing industry by fully engaging the senses of discriminating readers, from the fine paper it is printed on to the videos and enhanced content made available through the Mohawk Live augmented reality mobile app,” says Bart Robinson, Senior Vice President Marketing, Mohawk.

Helene Fantozzi has been tapped as Publisher of NATURALLY, DANNY SEO. She was previously at Natural Health and at Rodale’s Organic Style magazine.

The launch issue includes advertisers Movado Watches, Target, Nissan, OneKingsLane, Veev, Plum Organics, Wilsonart, Silk Soy Milk, Tru Fragrances, LifeFactory, Whole Foods, Boiron, Call2Recycle, Recyclebank, FEED Projects and more in its 144 pages.    

Initial distribution of the first pilot issue is 350,000 copies with a newsstand cover price of $9.95. The second issue is planned for November 15, 2014 and a website will be created at Subscriptions will also be available.

Highlights from the first issue include:

  • NATURALLY, GO: In a special 16-page insert printed on 100% post-consumer recycled Mohawk Fine Paper, readers join Danny as he treks to the Equator in Africa to hunt for new and untapped scents to use for his fourth signature fragrance. Using an app called Mohawk Live, which brings printed materials and photos to life through HP’s Aurasma augmented reality technology, readers can experience the African adventure along with Danny. Once the free app is downloaded, readers can scan photos featuring the Mohawk Live icon and the still images come to life on smartphones and tablets.

  • NATURALLY, DELICIOUS: From the world’s easiest – and creamiest - DIY vegan ice cream to good-for-you and easy recipes created in collaboration with the Natural Gourmet Institute; food is always naturally healthy and mouth-wateringly delicious. Plus, ALL STAR juices, smoothies and tonics from the industry’s top authors, nutritionists and chefs.

  •  NATURALLY, ANGELA LINDVALL: The supermodel who has starred in major print campaigns for Versace, Dior and Chanel gives an intimate look at how she and her family live naturally at their Topanga Canyon, CA compound.    A highlight: She gardens organically in a Chanel denim dress which she says “captures the dichotomy of my life. There’s my high-fashion side, but at heart, I’m just a sh*t kicking tomboy from Kansas City.”

  • NATURALLY, EASY: Want to turn leftover Legos into a cool and modern geometric lamp? Or upcycle kid’s wooden blocks into ultra-stylish “metal” wooden sculptures? These projects (and more) are featured inside the pages of the magazine.

  • NATURALLY, STYLISH: Top stylist Sibella Court gives a glimpse inside her Sydney flat. Featuring set props she bought when the movie The Great Gatsby wrapped filming, her looks is effortlessly, naturally stylish, mixing Old World charm with modern conveniences.

  • NATURALLY @ HOME: Readers get an exclusive look inside Danny’s Bucks County home which he renovated from top to bottom. This “glass box in the woods” home marries modern lines with warm, comfortable furnishings that showcase Danny’s unique style that says: Welcome Home.

  • NATURALLY, AMY SMART: Actress - and certified yoga instructor and nutrition coach - Amy Smart visits Alisal Ranch to perfect her grilling skills at their BBQ Bootcamp. “I’m not a dieter. I believe in eating organic foods and having a somewhat clean lifestyle, but what’s more important is balance.”

For info or to subscribe (one year, 4 issues, for $23.97) at