Recycled Flip-Flops Special Offer!

Green America Green Grant Winners

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Recycled Flip-Flops
Special Offer!

For one day only the greenest & most comfortable shoe around- will celebrate Christmas in July & offer a dozen shoes for ONLY $100.

With all manufacturing based in Buford, GA, Okabashi has produced wellness-oriented casual footwear in the United States since 1984. All Okabashi footwear is designed with a massaging insole, superior arch support and ergonomic foot beds. For environmental wellness, Okabashi operates a clean manufacturing facility, which only produces 100% recyclable shoes.

Okabashi recycling starts with the raw material that they use to make the shoes, Microplast. This material is unique in that it can be softened and remolded. When old shoes are sent back to the factory, their team will inspect them for contaminants. If the shoes are contamination-free, theye grind them up and blend the little pieces of previously molded Okabashis into the mixture for new Okabashis. The plastics are softened and remolded into new Okabashis.

Last year alone, Okabashi was able to re-grind and re-introduce over 100,000 lbs of scrap material, diverting 10 tractor trailers full of waste from landfills.

Why buy Okabashi?
• 100% recyclable and contains up to 30% recycled material
• Supportive with a massaging insole that helps relieve foot and back pain.
• Guaranteed for 2 years
• Made in the USA
• Dishwasher-safe and machine washable
• Antimicrobial agents and odor resistant
• Anti-slip
• Completely water proof (will not change shape or fade)
• The ONLY shoe endorsed by the American Chiropractic Association (ACA)



Green America's
Green Grant Winners

Earlier this month, Green America, the great not-for-profit group working hard for a socially just and environmentally sustainable society, announced the winner of this year's top green-grants prize. And the winner is Urban Roots, from Austin, TX.

Urban Roots is a youth development program that uses sustainable agriculture as means to build entrepreneurial, leadership, and life skills amongst its participants, while producing good, local, organic food to nourish Austin residents who currently have limited access to healthy foods through hunger-relief programs.

"Ever since Urban Roots’ inception in 2008, we have relied upon the generosity of thousands of enthusiastic and dedicated volunteer who help us cultivate young leaders and get their hands dirty, planting and harvest on our 3.5 acre farm," says Max Elliott, Urban Roots' program coordinator. "Urban Roots will use this green grant to purchase seeds and to pay for youth Farmers Market Intern stipends."

Urban Roots earns $2,500 as the top prize-winner, and three other finalists earn a $1,000 prize as runners-up. This year's $1,000 winners include:

1. Cully Community Market -- An organic, local farmers' market serving a community in Portland that has been labeled a "food desert," the Cully Community Market also disburses micro-loans for local residents (including many immigrant Latina women) to establish vendor stalls in the market.

2. Fair Trade Los Angeles -- This LA-based non-profit organization works to make Fair Trade products more available in the southern California area, to raise awareness of Fair Trade, and to make Los Angeles into one of the largest Fair Trade Towns in the US.

3. Hiram Farm Living and Learning Community -- This organic farm in northern Ohio provides meaningful work for adults with autism. Organizers intend to use their green grant to purchase solar-powered vents for the farm's new barn.

To find out more, or to donate, visit



Back to School:
Litterless Lunch Supplies

Schools are advancing the green agenda by recommending parents purchase and use reusable lunch supplies for their kids lunches.

Litterless lunch supplies are making their way into the school systems. In an effort to teach kids about environmentalism and how to be green, schools are either offering reusable snack, sandwich and lunch bags for sale or recommending to parents to purchases them for their kids. The goal is to replace plastic bags and wrap with a washable and reusable option.

Both mom and kids are receptive to the idea but they say it has to be easy to use, functional and in designs kids like. Check out Beneterre’s new Sandwich, Snack and Max Wrapit!

The Sandwich Wrapit! is a double layer envelope style pouch with a colorful contemporary cotton exterior in patterns for kids and adults and a waterproof nylon interior free from harmful dyes and chemicals. The double fold helps seal in the contents and keep food fresh. A pleat at the bottom makes it easy to accommodate traditional and artisan bread types or wraps, a proprietary feature of the Beneterre WrapIts!

The Snack Wrapit! is a dual purpose product. When open the product can be used as a place mat and when gathered up and sealed in a pouch, it holds a variety of snack items like carrots, chips, fruit and nuts. The pouch design provides some protection for soft and breakable items too. The Snack Wrapit! is also a double layer of patterned cotton and waterproof nylon. It seals with a drawstring. For larger snacks, wraps, subs, the Max WrapIt! is the best choice.

Each year hundreds of millions of sandwich and snack bags are used once and discarded. According to Harris Poll and Harris Interactive Market Research nearly half (45 percent) of working adults said they’re bringing their lunch to work instead of purchasing it. About three in four parents with children in kindergarten through eighth grade pack lunch for their children while school is in session, and about half do so at least once a week. “Using Wrapit! instead of plastic bags has a meaningful impact on the reduction of fossil fuels and contents to landfills”, says Ann Swanson, Founding Partner at Beneterre. “We designed a product that is easy and fun to use for both adults and kids”.

All Beneterre bags are made in the USA. For information, visit



New, Innovative Green
Home Design Options

Blik, the innovative maker of self-adhesive surface graphics, and Threadless, the international community-driven design company, have collaborated once again to launch new self-adhesive Pattern Wall Tiles. These "green" wall tiles are eco-friendly, non-toxic and free of both PVC and phthalates. The environmentalist in you will love them.

Blik is kicking off Pattern Wall Tiles with five self-adhesive sets that will bring bursts of pattern into standard home and office spaces in a whole new way. Featuring designs from the Threadless community of 1.5 million artists from around the globe, the Pattern Wall Tiles are the first in a series of new Wall Tile designs that will be produced by Blik in the coming months.

Pattern Wall Tiles were developed for surfaces that are not ideal for full coverage of pattern or paint - create an accent over a bed, behind a chair, on an interior door or kitchen cabinet or frame a small section of a wall. The sets don't require messy glue and can be repositioned and moved easily. They are completely customizable and can be cut, crafted, and arranged in a number of ways. Rotate them, combine patterns and use on any smooth flat surface. Each individual Pattern Wall Tile is sold in a set of two or four tiles that cover 16 square feet of space.

"Pattern Wall Tiles are a fresh new concept that pushes Blik in an innovative direction," said Blik co-founder Scott Flora. "The tiles encourage people to unleash their creativity by cutting, moving and combining patterns. I love their versatility and see the tiles becoming popular with consumers who live and work in small spaces."

"It's great to continue our relationship with Blik and our quest to cover the world in patterny goodness through these new wall tiles!" says Threadless founder Jake Nickell. "Magic!"

The new collection of Pattern Wall Tiles include; "Bird Flurry" by Julia Sonmi Heglund, "Ten" by Dan Sheffield, "Trees" by Dan Rule, "Take Shape Furs" by Daniele De Batté and "Psychedelic Garden" by Siu Fish and are now available online at Blik. For prices and information, visit