2017 Guidebook for Socially Responsible Shopping, Living and More

What Happens to Slightly Used Soap Bars From Hotels?

10 Ways to Green Your Office

National Survey Taps Over 1,700 Dietitians to Predict Top 2017 Food Trends

EcoTools® Rings in 2017 by Unveiling New Modern Eco Collection

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2017 Guidebook for Socially Responsible Shopping, Living and More

Green America recently unveiled its newest issue of National Green Pages (NGP), the ultimate sourcebook for green living, purchasing and investing. This year's edition is available in hardcopy or online at http://greenam.org/2f5uoYs. The NGP continues to honor the greenest businesses in the country and provides consumers with an extensive range of ideas for greening their lives, work, and community. Readers can also take advantage of 450 freebies and discounts from Green America's Certified Green Business Network members nationwide.

Featuring thousands of socially and environmentally responsible businesses, the 2017 National Green Pages is a great resource for those who wish to create a safe and healthy home, promote peace and justice, protect the environment, and support a living wage for workers. Readers can discover tips for green remodeling, eco-travel, non-toxic cleaners and clothing, responsible banking and investing, and much more.

"With each green choice you make, you help solve our planet's problems," said Alisa Gravitz, president and CEO of Green America. "When you buy fair trade food and gifts, you ensure fair wages for producers around the world. By choosing organic food and clothing, you put an end to the dangerous pesticides used on conventional crops. By making your home more energy-efficient, you promote a clean-energy future. You restore the Earth. You save lives."

All of the companies in the 2017 National Green Pages go through a careful certification process to ensure that their environmental and social responsibility claims are accurate. These businesses are certified by Green America for their social and environmental impacts.

In addition to providing information on specific companies, the 2017 National Green Pages details the types of green businesses "you need in your life," as well as the types of business "sucking the life out of your community," and helps readers avoid greenwashing.

Hard copies of this year's National Green Pages can be ordered for $12.45 per copy including shipping at http://www.greenamerica.org/pubs/order/ or by calling 1-800-58-GREEN. Green America members also receive the National Green Pages for free. Membership is available starting at $20 at: http://bit.ly/2fi0YUR. Information about companies certified by Green America can be accessed online at www.greenpages.org, which includes a search feature to find green, healthy, and ethical products and services.


What Happens to Slightly Used Soap Bars From Hotels?

Choice Hotels International, Inc. recently announced that it has entered into a partnership with Clean the World to collect and recycle hotel soap and bottled amenities that will help fight the spread of hygiene-related illnesses. Clean the World is a social enterprise dedicated to changing lives while simultaneously diverting hotel waste from landfills. The discarded items collected from Choice properties will be hygienically recycled and then distributed to people who are at risk of contracting preventable diseases.

"At Choice, we have a comprehensive platform – Room for Responsibility – that outlines our key corporate social responsibility initiatives. One of its pillars is our Room to be Green® initiative, which focuses on reducing, reusing and recycling as well as promoting environmentally friendly practices throughout our hotel system and corporate offices. We're pleased our partnership with Clean the World helps further our efforts while supporting those in need," said Steve Joyce, chief executive officer of Choice Hotels.

The other pillars of Choice's Room for Responsibility program include Room to Give (volunteering and philanthropy), Human Rights and their signature cause partnership with Boys and Girls Clubs of America.

Clean the World is a social enterprise dedicated to the mission of saving millions of lives around the world while simultaneously diverting hotel waste from landfills. The organization collects discarded soap and other hygiene products from more than 4,000 hotel and resort partners and operates recycling centers in North America, Asia, and Europe. Clean the World provides hygiene education and microlending to make hand washing and local soap purchases a lifelong habit in developing regions. Through its hygiene kit program, Clean the World provides personal care items to relief organizations throughout North America. Since 2009, more than 35 million bars of Clean the World soap have been distributed in 100 countries. 

"It's hard for most of us to imagine how important soap is to people who are struggling," said Shawn Seipler, founder and CEO of Clean the World. "The folks at Choice Hotels get it, and we are thrilled to have them join us at this level. By making a commitment to our sustainable, socially responsible program, Choice will turn trash into treasure and help change lives around the world."

More information: www.cleantheworld.org and www.choicehotels.com 


10 Ways to Green Your Office

1. Start small. Recycle all paper, aluminum and glass.

2. Turn off monitors, if not computers, at the end of the day.

3. Invest in water coolers and paper cups instead of bottled water and styrofoam.

4. Make sure that all printing/copying paper is 100% post-consumer recycled.

5. Change kitchen habits to include non-disposable utensils.

6. Participate in a mass transit program - discount incentives save employees money and preserve the planet.

7. Purchase or lease fax machines, copiers and printers that print on both sides of paper.

8. Reuse shipping boxes and fillers.

9. Teleconference instead of traveling, whenever possible.

10. Use natural lighting, turning off overhead lights, whenever possible.

National Survey Taps Over 1,700 Dietitians to Predict Top 2017 Food Trends

Pollock Communications and leading nutrition trade magazine, Today's Dietitian, released the results of their fifth annual "What's Trending in Nutritionnational food trend survey, which polled over 1,700 registered dietitians (RDs) across the country on next year's big trends in food and eating. This year overall, results reveal a decline in consumers' interest in dieting. Instead, many are choosing clean and mindful eating as their path to healthier living.

"Year-to-year, our unprecedented connection with Registered Dietitians – the real authorities on all matters of food and nutrition – has enabled us to document the movement towards mindful eating," said Mara Honicker, publisher of Today's Dietitian. "This annual increase in attention to eating with purpose and care is also reflected in the top 10 superfood trends. There has been a consistent focus on foods that are nutrient-rich – like seeds, avocados and nuts – along with those that have health-promoting qualities, like fermented foods and green tea."   

Dietitians are attributing the latest shift in consumer food perception to the growing trend of "mindful eating," a slower and more thoughtful approach to eating. Based on the survey, 49 percent of RDs say that consumers will choose mindful eating over dieting. In addition, 59 percent say consumers will choose to "eat clean," by looking to consume foods that are less processed and more whole foods such as veggies, fruits, ancient grains and green tea, as well as plant-based proteins like nuts and seeds.

For the last five years, the What's Trending in Nutrition survey has been a leader in identifying and tracking the next significant trends in food for the upcoming year. In terms of what foods are still topping the coveted Top 10 Superfoods list, the survey shows that nuts and seeds still hold top spots, fermented foods take fourth place, and kale has lost some footing and continues to move down the list in comparison to previous years.

Top 10 Superfoods for 2017

1. Seeds, like chia and hemp

2. Avocado

3. Nuts, like almonds and walnuts

4. Fermented foods like yogurt

5. Ancient grains

6. Kale

7. Green tea

8. Coconut products

9. Exotic fruits

10. Salmon

Food Transparency Has Eased Consumer Concern
Compared to 2016, dietitians report that consumers will be less concerned with the food trends of previous years, such as:  

  • Foods that are GMO-free, sustainable or gluten-free.

  • GMO-free and sustainable foods have experienced on average a 20 percent decrease in terms of what concerns consumers. Dietitians attribute this decline to food label transparency and more food companies changing their ingredient deck. In contrast, consumers will be looking for more low-sodium and sugar-free options in 2017.

Top Tips from Registered Dietitians for Eating Healthier in 2017
The survey also captures RDs' top tips for how to eat healthier and make smarter purchasing decisions next year. Their best advice for consumers includes:

  • Eating more servings of fruits and vegetables.

  • Choosing high-quality, nutrient-rich foods in all food groups.

  • Limiting consumption of highly processed foods.

  • And instead of focusing on diets, RDs recommend choosing foods based on a wholesome ingredient list and high level of quality proteins and carbs.

In addition, each year, Choose MyPlate, the United States Department of Agriculture's guidelines for healthy eating (myplate.gov), continues to play an important role in nutrition education, with 80% of dietitians utilizing MyPlate as a tool to help consumers eat right—up from 76% last year.

Digital Fitness and the Home Delivery Age Help Consumers Make Better Food Choices
Technology has undoubtedly made shopping for healthier food and losing weight easier, and dietitians have noticed by unearthing these insights:

  • 84% of RDs believe that technology is providing new options to help consumers make better food choices and/or eat healthier.

  • New technologies are helping to shape the future of nutrition with 67% of RDs recommending apps, such as MyFitnessPal and the Fitbit App to plan and track food activity.

  • Pre-portioned meal delivery services such as Blue Apron and Fresh Direct have also skyrocketed – 45% of consumers are now turning to these and similar healthy meal or weight loss menu delivery programs in order to eat healthier.

Not All Shopping Carts Are Created Equal – Barriers to Purchasing Healthy Foods 
Although consumer awareness of healthy food has increased and mindful eating is on the rise in 2017, issues of access and cost continue to prevent certain populations from being able to eat and purchase healthy food.

  • For low-income consumers, RDs say that cost, above all other factors including physical health, is the largest barrier when making food purchasing decisions. This often makes healthy eating options out of reach for low income families.

  • RDs recommend increasing affordability and availability of nutritious food in low-income areas to help reduce barriers to healthy eating.

"The annual Pollock Communications and Today's Dietitian survey continues to provide a powerful view of what consumers are thinking and doing," said Louise Pollock, founder and president of Pollock Communications.  "Registered dietitians have firsthand knowledge of how and what Americans eat. Therefore, each year consumers, industry and health professionals get a front row seat and unrivaled access to what's trending in nutrition."

EcoTools® Rings in 2017 by Unveiling New Modern Eco Collection

EcoTools®, a leader in authentic beauty, celebrates its 10th anniversary milestone with the unveiling of the New Modern Eco Collection, featuring gorgeous rebranding and new product innovation in all categories. With a bold, fresh and contemporary look, the brand advances its hair, bath and spa and makeup application collections, including pioneering the first-ever makeup sponge made from plant based materials.  

"As we ring in this banner year, it's a perfect time to celebrate the brand's new look and innovation which enables women to look and feel their best without adding time to their beauty routine," said Stacey Ramstedt, Senior Director of Marketing, at Paris Presents Incorporated. "EcoTools' 2017 collection embraces a sophisticated look and elevated performance, while providing straightforward education for head-to-toe beauty: for flawless makeup application, confidence-building radiant skin and healthy hair that turns heads." 

As part of the 10 year milestone, the entire collection has evolved based on the wants and needs of today's women and features a refreshed logo and packaging with clean colors and modern metallic accents. Updates include:

  • Redesigned makeup brushes, featuring tapered light-weight brush handles – still made from renewable bamboo – for improved comfort and performance, a brighter wood color, contemporary gunmetal ferrules and beautiful ombre bristles.

  • On-package education that takes the intimidation out of the makeup brush aisle. Each product directly links to the recommended color cosmetic pairing, showcases the end benefit, features a face chart for application and identifies the level of coverage – enhancing and simplifying her beauty routine.

  • Continuing to be eco-minded, the entire 2017 collection is comprised of renewable and recyclable materials like tree-free paper and RPET clamshell packaging, to help remove materials from the waste stream.  

In addition to the modernized look, EcoTools is launching revolutionary new beauty products, including:

  • Anniversary Brush Set: The limited-edition Anniversary Brush Set, features brushes for every step of application to create an illuminating glow, including Airbrushed Finishing, Controlled Setting, Angled Crease, Flat Eyeliner, Eye/Lip Blur, Spoolie and an elegant rose gold canister for storage and organization. [$19.99]

  • Perfecting Blender Duo: The first-ever makeup blender featuring EcoFoam® technology made from 71% sugar cane, the sponge duo boasts a unique shape with a rounded base for blending, flat side to cover larger surface areas and wedge-like tip for contouring and definition. The patent-pending, 100% Vegan, Peta Certified sponges include two sizes and densities for a flawless base: [$9.99]

    • Base Blender (dark green): Larger, softer and flexible design to use damp for light, buildable foundation application.

    • Detail Blender (lime green): Smaller and firmer design to use dry for precise concealer application. 

  • Full Powder: The 70,000 bristle brush has a densely-packed, rounded head offering 200 percent more bristles than a standard powder brush, boasting superior full-coverage application for a matte finish. Recommended use with pressed powders. [$8.99]

  • Micro Blending Brush: Designed to touch-up imperfections, the brush features soft, steeply cut, angled bristles for flawless blending along small contours of the face. Recommended use with concealers. [$4.99]

  • Define & Highlight Duo: Enhance natural features with the uniquely-cut Highlighting Fan Brush and achieve a natural contour with the dense tapered Define Brush, designed to work in tandem to illuminate face shape and add definition. Recommended use with powders, bronzers and highlighters. [$11.99]

  • Modern Romance Collection: The fourth edition of the exclusive brush collection is delicate and feminine, set apart by the vintage pink hues and rose-patterned ferrules. The collector's set offers five brushes – Angled Blush, Flat Foundation, Full Shadow, Petite Eye Sharing and Detail Lip – to complete a soft, romantic look. [$14.99]

All products are available online and at retailers nationwide. Visit ecotools.com for more information on new products as well as the full collection.