20 Plastic Things You Didn’t Know You Can Recycle

Happy Valentine’s Day! Sending Organic Flowers This Year

More Than Half of Americans Think the U.S. Will Never Go Paperless A Survey Poll Position

Be Happy Promoting Ocean-Friendly Seafood With A Smile

Aluminum Recycling Facts

Four New Teas Hit the Market This Month Choose Choice!

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20 Plastic Things You Didn’t
Know You Can Recycle

Compiled by the Great Folks at Green America

1) Bottle and jar caps: Weisenbach Recycled Products accepts clean plastic bottlecaps, plastic jar caps, flip-top caps from personal care products, and flexible snap-on lids (e.g. butter tub lids) to turn into funnels and other items. CapsCando.com.

2) Brita pitcher filters: Preserve’s Gimme 5 program accepts Brita-brand pitcher filters for recycling. See #11 below.

3) Compostable bioplastics: Find a municipal composter at FindaComposter.com.

4) Computers and other electronics: Find the most responsible recyclers near you at e-stewards.org/find-a-recycler. Your local Best Buy store will also accept many types of electronics, large and small—from televisions and gaming systems to fans and alarm clocks. Best Buy partners with responsible recyclers that do not ship items overseas, including Green Business Network™ member Electronic Recyclers International. You can bring three small items per day to Best Buy for free. The company charges a fee to recycle large electronics. BestBuy.com/recycling.

5) Eyeglasses: Your local Lions Club collects them for people in need.

6) Fishing line: Mail to Berkley Recycling, which turns it into fish habitat structures: 1900 18th Street; Spirit Lake, IA 51360.

7) Gift cards and customer loyalty cards: Fill out the form at www.earthworkssystem.com/Consumers/ to recycle them. (Accepts conventional cards only, not bioplastic/ compostable cards.)

8) Ink Cartridges: RecyclePlace.com pays $1 each and will recycle them. (Also see #12, “Technotrash.”)

9) Pantyhose/tights: No Nonsense collects all brands of hose, tights, and kneehighs to be recycled into other products. NoNonsense.com/PantyhoseRecycling.aspx.

10) Plastic packaging: Many pack-and-ship stores will take packing peanuts and bubble wrap. For drop-off locations for foam blocks, contact the Alliance of Foam Packaging Recyclers.

11) Polypropylene (#5) plastics (all types): Preserve’s Gimme 5 program accepts all types of clean #5 plastics, which are turned into Preserve personal care and kitchen products. Drop them off in the “Gimme 5” container available at select Whole Foods and food co-ops. Visit preserveproducts.com/recycling to find a location or learn how to mail them in.

12) “Technotrash”: Organizations and schools can earn money for recycling ink cartridges and small electronics like cell phones and iPods through ProjectKOPEG.com. Recycle a large box of CDs, DVDs, jewel cases, audio and video tapes, small electronics, and ink cartridges for $30 (includes postage) through Green Disk, 800/305-GREENDISK, GreenDisk.com.

13) Telephones: Call to Protect (donateaphone.com/calltoprotect) refurbishes cell phones for domestic violence victims (see also “Technotrash,” above). Take corded and cordless phones to a local Best Buy for recycling.

14) Sports equipment: Resell or trade it at your local Play It Again Sports outlet, 800/476-9249, www.playitagainsports.com.

15) Tennis balls: reBounces restores old tennis balls that have lost their bounce. ReBounces.com/recycle.

16) Tennis shoes: NikeReuseAShoe.com turns them into athletic flooring. Souls4Souls.org and OneWorldRunning.com sends still-wearable shoes to runners in need in developing countries.

17) Toys: Domestic Metals and Plastics accepts plastic toys of all types for recycling. Dmpgreen.com.

18) Trophies: Lamb Awards will break your trophies down and remake them into new ones. E-mail them at internet@lambawards.com, and put “recycling” in the subject line.

19) Tyvek envelopes: Quantities less than 25: Send to Tyvek Recycle, Attn. Shirley B. Wright, 8401 Fort Darling Road, Richmond, VA 23237. More than 25: call 866/33-TYVEK.

20) Yoga mats: RecycleYourMat.com accepts yoga mats for recycling.

Green America is a not-for-profit membership organization founded in 1982. (They went by the name "Co-op America" until January 1, 2009.) Their mission is to harness economic power—the strength of consumers, investors, businesses, and the marketplace—to create a socially just and environmentally sustainable society. If you are not a member, you should join. To learn more, visit: www.greenamerica.org



Happy Valentine’s Day!
Sending Organic Flowers This Year

Organic Bouquet is the largest online provider of eco-friendly and organic floral gifts. All of their flowers are grown in a manner that is not only environmentally friendly but also provides outstanding resources for farm workers and artisans.

Organic Bouquet partners with select flower farms in California, Ecuador and Colombia. All of their flower farms follow stringent growing practices which are monitored by multiple certification agencies and associations. When you purchase flowers from Organic Bouquet, you are helping to improve the life of a flower farm worker, their family and the local floral community.

Their eco-friendly flower arrangements include roses, calla lilies, tulips, gerbera daisies, hyacinths, sunflowers, alstromeria lilies and blue iris. In addition to a complete line of flower arrangements, they offer gift baskets, fruit baskets, nut baskets, gourmet chocolates, gourmet cookies, plants, wreaths, organic cotton apparel, organic towels, and organic linens. All of these products are certified eco-friendly and/or provide for environmental benefits through our participation in Carbon Offset programs.

Especially this Valentine’s Day…but whatever the occasion, their flowers make the perfect gift. Sending flowers from Organic Bouquet says that you care not only about the person receiving the flowers, but also about the environment. All of their gift items are shipped nationwide to all 50 states. To find out more, or to place an order, visit: www.organicbouquet.com

One World Flowers is a FairTrade USA licensed importer and distributor of Fair Trade Certified™ flowers. They currently sell our beautiful flowers to individuals through their website, as well as wholesale orders to customers throughout the United States.

Since the company was started in 2007, One World Flowers has been committed to working with only Fair Trade Certified™ farms to sell flowers that are not only environmentally sustainable but are also grown to promote social justice and economic development in the farming communities. For every order, One World Flowers pays a 10% Fair Trade Premium back into a workers’ fund located on the farms they work with. Workers organize democratically and vote on how to use these funds to improve living conditions and end poverty in their communities.

All of their flowers are shipped directly from Fair Trade Certified farms in Ecuador using premium shipping service, delivered in 48 hours, which means they are fresh.

They strive to be the market leader in Fair Trade Certified™ flowers by educating consumers about Fair Trade practices, and how to be aware of the human rights violations that happen every day in the global supply chain. One World Flowers doesn't just want to sell flowers; they want to make a world of difference. To find out more, or to place an order, visit: www.oneworldflowers.org/index.html



More Than Half of Americans Think the U.S.
Will Never Go Paperless
A Survey Poll Position

Since electronic devices play such a big part in our daily lives, Poll Position, a unique non-partisan news, polling, and social media company, wanted to know if Americans think the U.S. could ever be a paperless society?

In a national scientific telephone survey Poll Position found that 56% of Americans said they don’t think the U.S. would ever be a paperless society, while 20% said yes, one day we’ll all go paperless. Twenty-four percent of Americans were undecided or had no opinion on the question.

The 18-29 age group had the strongest opinion and 63% said the U.S. would never be a paperless society and 23% said we could be a paperless society.

Results from men and women were similar with 56% of men and women both saying we could never be a paperless society.

Along party lines more Republicans (58%) than Democrats (51%) believed we would never be a paperless society.

See a breakdown of survey participants by age, race, gender, and political affiliation in crosstabs for this poll at http://media.pollposition.com.s3.amazonaws.com/wp-content/uploads/Poll-Position-crosstabs-paperless-society.pdf.

Poll Position’s scientific telephone survey of 1,142 registered voters nationwide was conducted December 6, 2011 and has a margin of error of ±3%. Poll results are weighted to be a representative sampling of all American adults.

What do you think? Do you think the United States will ever be a paperless society? Vote in our online companion poll and comment at http://pollposition.com/2011/12/24/will-we-ever-go-paper-less.

The online companion poll in which you can vote provides unscientific results, meaning it’s a tally of participating Poll Position users, not a nationally representative sampling.

Poll Position is committed to transparency and upholding the highest professional standards in its polling, explaining why we provide you with the crosstabs of our scientific polls. Crosstabs provide a breakdown of survey participants by age, race, gender, and political affiliation.

Learn more about Poll Position’s polling methodology at http://pollposition.com/2011/09/26/our-polling-methodology/.

About the source: Poll Position is a unique non-partisan news, polling, and social media company founded and lead by two award-winning CNN news and polling veterans. The company’s goals are to engage, enlighten, and entertain millions of people with exclusive news-making, buzz-generating public opinion polls and giving people everywhere an opportunity to vote and comment on hot topics, while learning the views of others.

For more news updates and research findings, follow Poll Position on Twitter @PollPosition and become a Facebook fan at http://www.facebook.com/PollPosition. Become a registered user at http://pollposition.com/members-area/.

To learn more about Poll Position, go to http://www.pollposition.com.



Be Happy
Promoting Ocean-Friendly Seafood With A Smile

From coast to coast, eight North American ocean conservation organizations have teamed up to launch Be Happy, an online community for seafood-loving families to put their best fish faces forward, while learning more about sustainable seafood. When fish are caught or farmed in ways that protect the ocean, that’s something everyone can “Be Happy” about.

Be Happy applications allow Facebook users to pledge support for ocean-friendly seafood and have some fun by uploading pictures of friends and family making funny fish faces, competing for “Fish Face of the Week” honors. Subscribers can also get easy and delicious ideas for preparing seafood at home, ask questions of sustainable seafood experts, dive into fishy trivia, or simply show off their support with a smile for a cause that keeps families and the oceans happy.

“We found that our partners all over North America had the same message – your seafood choices matter and can make a positive difference in the world’s oceans. Be Happy was an ideal opportunity to unite with fellow conservation leaders and share information with each other and families in a fun way,” said Kassia Perpich, Sustainable Seafood Manager at the Shedd Aquarium.

Be Happy is a collaboration of eight North American ocean conservation organizations, including:

  • Blue Ocean Institute (Cold Spring Harbor, N.Y.)
  • David Suzuki Foundation (Vancouver, British Columbia)
  • FishWise (Santa Cruz, Calif.)
  • Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch (Monterey, Calif.)
  • New England Aquarium (Boston)
  • Vancouver Aquarium’s Ocean Wise (Canada)
  • SeaChoice (Canada)
  • Shedd Aquarium (Chicago)

“We want people to Be Happy about their seafood choices,” said Lana Gunnlaugson, National Manager for SeaChoice. “Choosing ocean-friendly seafood is an easy way to ensure we have healthy oceans for generations to come. We’re hoping that people across North America will have fun trying new seafood, while finding creative ways to inspire their friends to make a difference, too.”

To learn more about Be Happy, please visit www.facebook.com/BeHappyFish.



Aluminum Recycling Facts




Four New Teas Hit the Market This Month Choose Choice!

Choice Organic Teas, the first exclusively organic tea crafter in the United States and the first in the country to introduce Fair Trade Certified™ teas, is adding four new varieties to its Original line of teas as part of its “go beyond” campaign. Starting this month, customers can purchase Premium Korean Green, Decaffeinated Green, Masala Chai, and Rooibos Chai. The four new teas reinforce Choice Organic Teas’ commitment to offer high quality teas from around the world while honoring their traditions.

-Premium Korean Green (Green Tea) – This lush tea hails from Jeju Island, South Korea’s “Island of the Gods.” From fertile volcanic soil to subtropical forests, this pristine isle offers rich tea-growing terroir. The leaves are steamed, rolled and dried in the Sencha tradition, for a fresh and savory cup.

-Decaffeinated Green (Decaf Green Tea) – Delight in the best of both worlds with a cup that’s both decaffeinated and flavorful. This crisp green tea grown in the mountains of India is gently decaffeinated using carbon dioxide, the only certified organic method. Enjoy the true essence of this refreshing and wholesome tea day or night.

-Masala Chai (Black Tea) – Spice things up with this bold classic, featuring malty Assam tea from India’s Brahmaputra River Valley. Choice Organic Teas blends rich, robust black tea with masala spices (cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, clove, and black pepper) for a spirited cup that warms your body and soul. It blends perfectly with milk and sweetener for an authentic chai.

-Rooibos Chai (Herbal Tea) – Thrill your senses with this naturally caffeine-free twist on traditional chai. Choice Organic Teas blends rich South African rooibos with the finest masala spices (cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, clove, and black pepper) for a cup that’s warming, robust and subtly sweet. It’s a luscious treat that pairs wonderfully with milk and sweetener.

“After careful consideration and research, we determined we needed to add these four varieties to round out our product line,” said Anne-Marie Phillips, Head of Sales and Marketing for Choice Organic Teas. “Made with pure ingredients, these perfectly balanced teas are sourced from some of the most beautiful places on earth. We invite our customers to go beyond their horizons and discover the world one cup at a time. We feel confident our customers will fall in love with these flavorful new teas.”

The four new teas are available starting this month through Choice Organic Teas’ website (www.choiceorganicteas.com), and will be available at independent natural food stores starting in February. The suggested retail price for the teas is $4.69 for a 16-count box. The teas are organic, Non-GMO Verified, kosher, and gluten-free, and three of the four are Fair Trade Certified. Visit www.choiceorganicteas.com for more information.