Boutique Clothing Company Debuts Eco-Friendly Clothing and Accessories For a Cause

Artisan-made, Slow Batch-crafted Figo! Organic Gelato To Debut Near You

Lumbermen’s, Inc. Awards AZEK Pavers As Most Innovative Product of the Year

5 Tips to Reduce Plastic Waste & Ocean Pollution

Eco Craft: Recycle Recraft Restyle

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Boutique Clothing Company Debuts Eco-Friendly Clothing and Accessories For a Cause

GreenLinebyK, a grass-roots clothing boutique based out of Mashpee, MA, rolled out their new spring line last month. In addition to the handmade, eco-friendly clothing, they launched PARTICiPATE, a charity-based campaign which will raise funds for Habitat for Humanity/Cape Cod through all-organic t-shirt sales.

Sophisticated and playful, the women’s spring collection appeals to all different types of fashion tastes. From urban to bohemian, designs are polished yet comfortable and are crafted primarily from cotton and linen.

“The inspiration for this collection was earth and the female form,” said owner and designer Kathryn Hilderbrand, “I'm not locked into any particular style or trend. I tend to lead more toward colors of nature. My designs are made with comfort and practicality in mind and tend to be more timeless than trendy. Bohemian to urban - I've covered it all. Linen and cotton are the focus.”
Additionally, beginning now through April 24, 2013, $3 from each PARTICPATE tee sold will go directly to help support Cape Cod’s local Habitat for Humanity and are designed to bring awareness to Habitat for Humanity International's BUiLD campaign. Tees retail at $27 and are made from 100% organic cotton.

The online boutique will also carry fair trade accessories from a handful of artists which will benefit the Starfish Organization, an organization for women in China rescued from slave trade. Founded in 2006, the organization shelters marginalized women and provides them with counseling, medical funding and vocational classes and training in wholesale and jewelry production to set them up for long-term success.

For more information and to shop the entire collection, visit or For hard-to-fit sizes, Stanford Row allows you to enter your measurements and GreenLinebyK can create a custom item tailored to any customer.


Artisan-made, Slow Batch-crafted Figo! Organic Gelato To Debut Near You

Figo! Organic Gelato, a super premium, USDA Certified Organic, non-GMO gelato line made by Boulder Homemade Inc., will soon be available in leading natural foods stores and supermarkets in the Rocky Mountain region, and the company is positioning the new organic gelato brand for national distribution in Spring 2013.

As part of a strategic national launch, Figo! Organic Gelato will debut its sophisticated, seven-flavor, slow batch-crafted organic gelato line to buyers and media at Natural Products Expo West, the world’s largest natural, organic and healthy products industry trade show, held March 7-11, 2013, in Anaheim, California.

Made in the authentic, traditional style using recipes created under the guidance of a master Italian gelato maker, Figo!, which means ‘cool’ in Italian, is slow-batch churned by Italian crafted machinery. The ten-gallon Italian-made machines use a proprietary slow-churn process to create an ideal mixture of low air and butter fat, which lends to the gelato’s smooth, creamy and rich texture while creating under one-tenth of a percent of product waste, and a lower fat, premium product.

Figo! Organic Gelato is USDA Certified Organic, non-GMO, gluten free and egg free.

Boulder Homemade’s commitment to sustainability is a driving force in its premium ingredient selection, manufacturing and packaging processes. The company sources certified organic milk from Colorado dairies, and handcrafts its organic ice cream and gelato products in a zero waste, wind-powered facility. In addition, Figo! Organic Gelato comes in BPA-free packaging.

“Each of our unique flavors contains finely tuned ingredient combinations to create a symphony of flavor. Each ingredient is crucial to the overall flavor profile that we feel creates a standout product for the marketplace,” explains Scott Roy, CEO and President of Boulder Homemade Inc., which got its start in 1992 as a regional super premium ice cream manufacturer and retailer in Boulder, Colorado.

Figo! Organic Gelato will offer seven distinctive flavor varieties appealing to a modern taste palate: Salted Caramel Café made with real caramel; Chocolate Duet, a blend of cocoa powder and molten chocolate; Chocolate Peanut Butter; Coconut Almond Chip; Cool Limone made with fresh lemon juice and zest; Pure Pistachio; and Vanilla Trio—a blend of Tahitian, Madagascan and Bourbon vanillas.

Look for Figo! Organic Gelato in your area soon.


Lumbermen’s, Inc. Awards AZEK Pavers As Most Innovative Product of the Year

Lumbermen’s Inc. of Grand Rapids, MI, has named AZEK Pavers from AZEK Building Products the “Most Innovative Product of the Year”.   AZEK Pavers was selected for this award based on exceptional sales volume as compared to numerous other product offerings in the innovative products category. In addition to strong sales volume, Lumbermen’s judged the AZEK Paver merchandising and sales support efforts to be outstanding throughout their service area that extends across the Ohio Valley region. 

As a full-line distributor of AZEK Building Products, Lumbermen’s has been distributing all of the AZEK products from five locations servicing Michigan, Ohio, Indiana and Northern Kentucky since 2007. According to Rick Woltjer, VP Sales, Lumbermen’s Inc., “We do not give this award out every year, but felt that AZEK Pavers made such a strong showing, it was very deserving of this award compared to other products that were considered. This year we had more than 25 vendors coming out with new SKUs, but AZEK Pavers stood out. When AZEK brings us a new product we know there’s market acceptance behind it.”

“AZEK Building Products is honored to have our AZEK Pavers selected as Lumbermen’s “Most Innovative Product of the Year” said Jason Grommon, President of AZEK Building Products. “We are delighted with the support and recognition that AZEK Pavers has received in the marketplace.  With long lasting durability, stain resistance, and easy installation, AZEK Pavers are poised to redefine the hardscape category.” 

Manufactured with up to 95 percent recycled content from reclaimed tires and some added plastics, AZEK Pavers are stain-, impact- and scratch-resistant and save on installation time and labor compared to traditional concrete and brick pavers.  With an innovative grid system and less than half the weight of traditional pavers, AZEK Pavers install up to three times faster than other pavers.  They can be cut using a regular miter or jigsaw without the need for masonry wet saws.

AZEK Pavers, available in five appealing colors, are manufactured in three profiles: Standard Landscape, Permeable and Resurfacing Pavers.  Standard Landscape pavers are ideal for patios, walkways and driveways (standard sub base and aggregate is required); Permeable Pavers, featuring spacer lugs, are designed for use in areas where water drainage is required to reduce storm water runoff; and Resurface Pavers are a thinner paver that can be installed directly over existing slabs, flat roofs and decks. 

This award from Lumbermen’s adds to the growing list of AZEK Paver accolades including being named a “Top 100 Product of 2012” by This Old House Magazine and receiving the 2012 Product Innovation Award (PIA) from Architectural Products Magazine.

For more information, visit AZEK Building Products’ website at

5 Tips to Reduce Plastic Waste & Ocean Pollution

Plastic waste is a growing problem in the northern Pacific Ocean and one that could change life on our planet within the next 20 years.

“I remember the first time I felt it; I was paddling out on my surfboard and noticed a mushy, plastic-like substance sliding through my fingers. That’s what started my obsession with the Great Pacific Garbage Patch,” says charity fundraiser and environmentalist Veronica Grey. “The patch is located between Hawaii and California in the northern Pacific Ocean, where millions of small bits of plastic have gathered in a vortex of ocean currents known as a gyre.”

As someone with ample experience raising awareness for worthy causes, Grey paired her professional skills with her personal passion for the ocean, creating the award-winning documentary “Aqua Seafoam Shame,” (, which spotlights the mess in the ocean that has garnered precious little media attention, she says.

“Fifteen years ago The Patch was the size Texas, but now it’s the size of the continental United States,” says Grey, who used her iPhone to shoot the documentary, which features renowned scientists, journalists and environmentalists.

Plastic in the ocean has far-reaching implications that, if not addressed within 20 years, could change life on this planet, she says. To date, 177 species of sea life are known to ingest plastic; other species feed on those creatures, extending the chain of damage.

“People eat the seafood that eats plastic, and the planet gets its rain from the oceans, which are being polluted at an exponential rate,” she says. “We use significantly more of our planet’s surface as a dump than for growing food; this has to change.”

To begin addressing plastics pollution, Grey encourages people to use alternatives:

 Americans buy 2 million bottles of water every five minutes; ditch plastic bottles and use glass or recyclable cans.
 Carry a cost-effective canvas bag instead getting disposable plastic bags at the grocery store. We waste 10 billion plastic bags every week!
 Do not line your trash cans with plastic bags. Use paper bags or nothing.
• Skip the lid on your to-go drinks. The paper cup is normally recyclable but the lid usually isn't.
 Remember that each and every time you flush; it all ends up in the ocean. Be mindful of what you toss in your toilet!

Eco Craft: Recycle Recraft Restyle

By Susan Wasinger

"Everything here is fresh ... Plus, the designs are impressive...the layout not only complements the author's eco-theme but also calls attention to the important elements of the different crafts to make. Doing good was never so satisfying." - "Booklist" [Starred Review]

These days we're all seeking creative ways to protect our planet. "Eco Craft" delivers the goods in style with 30 truly beautiful home decor projects that elevate environmental consciousness to inspiring new heights. Every idea is amazingly clever: who would ever have imagined that plastic six-pack can holders could become a chic Moorish-inspired filigree tri-fold screen? Or that glass baby-food jars would make a charming candle chandelier? Every project features at least one beauty shot in a modern home setting and handy icons spotlight key techniques, materials and the estimated time to complete each one. Who knew taking care of the planet could look so good?

128 pages.  Available in hardcover and paperback from  Published by Lark Crafts.