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Honest Tea Launches
“The Great Recycle” to Boost Recycling Nationally

Honest Tea® earlier this month announced a new, national recycling initiative called “The Great Recycle,” which will launch in New York City’s Times Square on Monday, April 30th.

In a show of support for New York City’s pledge to double recycle efforts by 2017, Honest Tea and partners GrowNYC, Recyclebank, Coca-Cola Live Positively, Global Inheritance and Five-Boro Green Services will place a 30-foot tall recycling bin in Times Square and attempt to crowd-source recycle more than 45,000 plastic, glass and aluminum beverage containers in ten hours. The plastic bottles collected will be recycled into essential gardening supplies including shovels, watering cans and plastic lumber, which will be used to build and cultivate an urban garden for PS 102, an elementary school in Harlem.

“National recycling rates are nowhere near where they need to be,” says Honest Tea co-founder and TeaEO Seth Goldman. “Honest Tea is committed to finding ways to help Americans recycle more. We’ve helped install recycling bins in our hometown of Bethesda, MD and now it’s time to expand our efforts.”

At the event in Times Square, bottles will act as currency. People who bring bottles down to “The Great Recycle” will be awarded points for each bottle recycled, that can be redeemed at the onsite TRASHed Recycling Store run by Global Inheritance. There, points can be redeemed for rewards such as cold bottles of Honest Tea, t-shirts and reusable bags, jeans, video games, and tickets to sporting events, concerts and Broadway shows.

“New York City is a world leader in many areas and is committed to actions that secure a sustainable and livable future for all residents. The goal to double the waste diversion rate includes initiatives like expanding access to recycling in public spaces, and other initiatives that will make it even easier to do the right thing. This is just one component of the Mayor’s efforts to make New York City one of the greenest, most livable cities,” says David Hurd, the Director of Office of Recycling Outreach & Education for GrowNYC. “Recycling beverage containers is a simple everyday way to combat climate change and reduce the cost of exporting our waste to other states.”

Those who cannot attend the event in Times Square will have an opportunity to participate in “The Great Recycle” by logging onto www.TheGreatRecycle.com and making a recycling pledge and then solidifying it by recycling an old Facebook post. By taking the pledge, users will be rewarded with Recyclebank points which can be redeemed for discounts and deals from more than 3,000 local and national businesses in categories ranging from food and beverage to health and beauty, restaurants, entertainment, sports and recreation, apparel, automotive, electronics and more.

Honest Tea partnered with TerraCycle in 2007 to create the Drink Pouch Brigade, a program which recycles drink pouches and ‘upcycles’ them into items such as pencil cases, book bags, and notebooks. Since 2007, nearly one million Honest Kids pouches have been diverted from landfills. The Drink Pouch Brigades now divert more drink pouches from the waste stream than Honest Tea produces each year.

In 2008, Honest Tea partnered with Bethesda Green and The Coca-Cola Company to install 33 recycling bins throughout downtown Bethesda. Within the first year the bins collected more than 4,000 lbs. of recyclable beverage containers.

Click here to Watch The Great Recycle Video.



Flowers for Good™
Send Organic Flowers to Mom

According to the National Retail Federation, about $1.9 billion was spent on Mother's Day flowers last year. So what makes one bouquet better than the rest? Organic Bouquet flowers are not only grown with the environment in mind, but they are also a mission-based company, helping mothers in underdeveloped areas around the world.

The largest online provider of eco-friendly and organic gifts, Organic Bouquet (www.OrganicBouquet.com) employs over 60% women, and provides workers in underdeveloped countries everything from zero-interest loans, childcare, healthcare, education, environmental protection, supplies and more. Focused on responsible practices in every step of production, from the grower to the final consumer, Organic Bouquet offers flowers that give back.

Organic Bouquet carries a selection of charity bouquets, with flowers benefiting over 55 charities perfect for mom. The Flowers for Good™ program was established to help not-for-profit partners succeed in their good works. When you order charitable bouquets through their flowers for charity program, 5% of your purchase will be donated to the individual charity and used to make the world a better place. Shop with confidence at the Organic Bouquet store knowing that your purchases support a variety of non-profits and further our mission to improve the quality of farm working conditions, minimize damage to ecosystems, conserve biodiversity, and enhance environmental quality for future generations.

For a list of the Flowers for Good charity partners, to find out more, or to place an order, visit www.OrganicBouquet.com



Eco-Friendly Pet Care

The best intentions can sometimes go awry, especially when dipping travel toes into what may, or may not be, authentic green travel.

Company co-founder, Mother Hen and CEO, Lucy Postins started The Honest Kitchen (www.TheHonestKitchen.com) in her own beach cottage kitchen back in 2002. “I had begun making a homemade raw diet for my Rhodesian Ridgeback, Mosi, but found it quite time consuming and frequently ended up with a very messy kitchen! I set out to find a way to make fresh, healthy pet food much quicker and simpler to prepare - and the answer was to dehydrate the ingredients,” stated Postins. Today, Lucy is guardian to two Rhodesian Ridgebacks, a rescued senior Pug, a former racehorse, and an elderly pony. Below she shares valuable tips for being an eco-friendly pet owner.

Don’t spend money shipping water
Did you know that canned pet foods contain 80% water? While dogs and cats need a high moisture diet, a more environmentally friendly option is to purchase dehydrated pet foods (where you can add your own water at home), and nix canned foods. The water weight in canned foods means that more resources are used to ship a heavier product.

Speaking of water…..
Think about installing a fluoride filter on your home if you live in an area where the municipal water supply is fluoridated. Fluoride has been linked to an increase in cases of osteosarcoma in human males – a type of bone cancer that’s also on the rise in dogs.

Look for humanely sourced meats for your pets as well as your human family
Hormone-free and free-range meats are beneficial for not only your health, but your pets as well. There’s growing suspicion that the plethora of growth hormones and other chemicals used to speed the growth of meat producing animals in China, are somehow linked with the epidemic of illness and deaths in dogs here in the US from consuming chicken jerky treats from China. (The Chinese Olympic committee are urging athletes to raise their own hens rather than consume supermarket meat, for fear of all the hormones causing them to fail their drug tests).

While ‘organic’ doesn’t always guarantee that meat has been humanely raised, organic meat in general is better for the environment and the animal. Free range and cage free meats are always a much better option than those that are intensively farmed.

Your pet food packaging shouldn’t go in the trash.
Your pet food company should care about their environmental paw print. Be sure to only use packaging that’s recyclable or biodegradable. Multi-walled plastic bags can’t be recycled currently in most areas of the US. Paper bags don’t protect food from contaminants but a single wall plastic bag that’s recyclable, plus compostable or recyclable box can keep packaging out of the land fill.

Make sure your pet food is GMO free
Wheat, corn and soy are among the most commonly genetically modified foods in the USA. They’re common ingredients in pet food too, and it’s possible that consuming GMO’s every day plays a role in the incidence of food sensitivities that plague so many pets; when a food is genetically modified, it can become unrecognizable to the body, which then ‘reacts’ with an inflammatory response like itching, or diarrhea. Cut wheat corn and soy from your pet’s daily menu (or if you do choose to fed them, select only organic options).

For more information about The Honest Kitchen, visit www.TheHonestKitchen.com.



Plant-Based Compostable Toothbrush
World Centric Launches First Of Its Kind Toothbrush In The U.S.

Every year in the United States some 450 million plastic toothbrushes make their way to landfills nationally. The majority of those toothbrushes will never biodegrade and will remain for decades. To reduce those staggering numbers, a company known for creating a long line of compostable products made from plants not petroleum, is launching the first compostable toothbrush in the United States.

World Centric (www.WorldCentric.org) has unveiled a line of compostable toothbrushes and travel cases that are made from a plant based resin called Ingeo™. The toothbrush and case are certified compostable by the Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI). They are also more environmentally friendly, having a smaller carbon footprint because Ingeo takes less energy to produce than petroleum based plastic resins.

The World Centric toothbrush is designed to fully compost within 3 to 6 six months when sent to a commercial composting facility. Simply throwing the World Centric toothbrush and case away and off to the landfill will not allow it to biodegrade. Landfills are created to avoid degradation and will not break down the toothbrushes. So, for those customers who don’t have access to a commercial composting facility in their area, World Centric will even provide a prepaid envelope that customers can use return the toothbrush and case. World Centric will then send the returned product to a composting facility for biodegradation.

The soft bristles of the toothbrush are made of nylon but are not compostable – the industry is still working to come up with bristles that are fully compostable. A handy notch between the head and the handle of the toothbrush is designed to make it easy to break off the head prior to sending it to the composting facility. The 7-inch World Centric toothbrush and case comes in blue, green and orange and sells for about $4.50. They are available at natural grocery stores, some Whole Foods stores nationwide and online at: www.worldcentric.org

Since 2004, World Centric has provided high quality compostable food service disposables and food packaging products for use in schools, corporate cafeterias, restaurants, hospitals, homes, etc. The World Centric products are made from annually renewable plants including sugarcane and wheat straw fiber, which are by-products of the agriculture industry. World Centric uses these materials to make sustainable alternatives to plastics and Styrofoam. The company sports a zero carbon footprint and donates a full 25% of its annual profits to grassroots social and environmental organizations. For a complete listing of the World Centric product line go to: www.worldcentric.org



Top 10 Green Wedding Trends to
Help Plan a Perfect Wedding

From Green Bride Guide

Flowers are blooming, the weather is heating up, and couples are readying themselves to walk down the aisle. This spring, couples have more options than ever before to add gorgeous green elements to their special day.

Green Bride Guide (www.GreenBrideGuide.com) is the nation’s No. 1 resource for green wedding ideas, products and services. With more than 1300 vendor relationships across the country, it offers the following top 10 tips to plan a unique and trendy eco-conscious wedding this spring.

1. Late Night Bites
If 2011 was the year of breakfast weddings, than 2012 is the year of midnight munchies! After your guests have danced the night away, serve bite sized snacks to rejuvenate them for the remainder of the evening. For a winter wedding, try small shot glasses of hot chocolate and mini doughnuts. Planning a spring wedding? Serve a single tortilla crisp adorned with organic mango salsa, a petite pita pocket filled with fresh vegetables and hummus; or a mini cherry pie for a sweet pick-me-up.

2. Do It For The Kids!
Create a kid friendly atmosphere for your younger wedding guests. Your green wedding is the time to teach others how to live sustainably and who better to start with than the kids? Make special place settings for all the children at your wedding. Give them a small potted plant and a crossword puzzle filled with green buzz words. You can even set up a small kids corner where they can play while the adults chat and dine.

3. DIY Aisle Style
DIY aisle runners are easy to do! With the right materials any green bride can create an aisle runner in no time. You can go the traditional route and use recycled paper with your insignia painted onto the runner with your wedding date and any other pretty flourishes you want to include. You can also opt for a more unique alternative and use a slate runner with special phrases and designs written in chalk. Another option for the ultra-crafty bride is a crocheted aisle runner in bright and bold colors.

4. Get Creative with Eco-Chic Cake Toppers
If you want a few easy touches for your green wedding, here is the place to start. You can use sustainable wood toppers, recycled FSC Certified paper decorations, or reuse a topper from a close friend or family member. eBay and Etsy have a large array of vintage toppers. If you want to lessen your carbon footprint, skip the ordering and shipping and make the toppers yourself. You can also have your bakery create flowers and other objects out of sugar or fondant so that everything will be eaten and there will be less waste!

5. Two Dresses in One!
Now you can turn your gown into a short and sassy reception dress! All it takes is one gentle pull and off it goes. If you want to save money and get more wear out of your wedding gown, shop for a dress with a detachable skirt. You can take off the long layer and wear the bottom layer to your

6. For the Grooms: Get Creative with Cufflinks!
2011 Green Weddings debuted a variety of boutonnieres boasting dried herbs, berries and simple flowers wrapped in burlap and twine. Cufflinks are another classy and understated way to make a green statement. You can go vintage or find handmade cufflinks made with sustainable touches.

7. Embrace the Food Truck Frenzy!
Food trucks are the hottest new way to serve food to your guests. Why not look for a local place that uses green fuel alternatives for their trucks. This is such an easy way to keep your guests happy. All they have to do is walk over to your chosen food truck and order right at the window!

8. Give the Gift of Green
Break away from the traditional gift registry and sign up for one that makes sense for you as a couple. The possibilities are endless: honeymoon and adventure registries, fair trade, local artisan registries, or donating to your favorite charity. If you want to fill your home with high quality sustainable products, then a green gift registry is the perfect start to wedded bliss.

9. Blooming Paper!
A fun way to announce a wedding in spring is with a personalized packet of organic seeds or preprinted and custom-made invitations on "grow-a-note" plantable seed imbued paper. If you are crafty, you can even make your own seed paper with a papermaking kit. If you want white envelopes, use recycled envelopes and printer paper. You can add petals, confetti, and even thin ribbon to create beautiful one-of-a-kind pieces. Add organic seeds to the mix and you can send your guests handmade plantable invites.

10. Green Venues
Newly engaged couples are getting more creative than ever when it comes to their wedding venue. The type of green venue available depends on which area of the country you select. In a large city you will have better luck finding an organic restaurant, aquarium or museum. If you want a wedding in the countryside you can find sculpted landscapes, sprawling vineyards and cozy Bed and Breakfasts.

The Green Bride Guide is the nation’s most comprehensive and credible resource for green wedding ideas, products and services. Since 2009, the company has been carrying out its mission of helping couples decrease their environmental footprint by offering eco-friendly alternatives for each step of the wedding planning process. Green Bride Guide features the nation’s largest directory of 1,300 green wedding vendors and the country's first green wedding gift registry featuring free carbon neutral shipping. The company is headquartered in New Haven, Connecticut.

Green Bride Guide was launched by environmental lawyer Kate L. Harrison after her book The Green Bride Guide: How To Plan An Earth-Friendly Wedding On Any Budget became a best-seller in the wedding category. (Sourcebooks, 2008). For more information please visit www.greenbrideguide.com.